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Last updated: 06/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:5.4.59
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Referring to the legendary animated movies of childhood, you will surely know Tom and Jerry right away. This is a famous cartoon series for many years, favorite around the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most popular anime series of all time. Recently, this topic was tapped to form a mobile game. It was developed by NetEase, a game company from China. Accordingly, the game will be called Tom and Jerry: Chase.

Introduce Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry: Chase was introduced by NetEase in late 2019 with a video trailer. But then, they did not mention the official release date for this game. And recently, they have officially brought Tom and Jerry: Chase to Google Play in Asian countries. It is expected that it will be released worldwide in the next few weeks. Currently, you can play the trial version of Tom and Jerry: Chase by the publisher through the game download at the end of the article.

Theme of the game

You probably already know the familiar name, Tom and Jerry. It is a famous American animation brand and a short comedy series created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It is considered the legendary cartoon film of childhood. Because when I was young, anyone would watch this movie every day without getting bored. Until now, the old Tom and Jerry episodes are still popular with many children.

And the developer NetEase received the official copyright from the trademark owner Tom and Jerry to develop for Tom and Jerry: Chase. Accordingly, the game will stick to the content of classic cartoons and images to create a fun role-playing game. Thanks to that, you will be back to your childhood with the chase screen between cat Tom and Jerry mouse.

Play roleplaying fun

In terms of gameplay, Tom and Jerry Chase has developed a competitive multiplayer role-playing style. Join the game, you will choose the character to start the game experience journey. You will meet familiar characters in the series to play as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Lightning, … Like the role-playing games, each character will have unique skills to fight.

This game also has many game modes with different playing styles to choose from. Along with that, there are many different maps, making each level interesting and refreshing without boring the player.

If you play Tom cat, you need to chase other cheese thieves, maybe Jerry mouse or another character. And vice versa, you will be responsible for stealing cheese when choosing the remaining characters. And then there will be dramatic chases, but no less hilarious. Such images are so familiar to us, in the Tom and Jerry cartoons.

3D graphics

This game was developed with the goal of bringing the familiar to players. So the game brings a very familiar visual style. All character systems in Tom and Jerry are kept in shape. Add to that the high quality 3D graphic background, giving you the best experience. So, when you play the game, you will feel like watching the new Tom and Jerry cartoons written by yourself.

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK for Android

As far as we feel, Tom and Jerry: Chase has a different gameplay compared to every other game. A really fun game, although this is quite simple. The most important thing is that the game theme brings familiarity and intimacy. So this game is a lot of people interested. Right now, you can play it through Tom and Jerry: Chase APK version below.

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