Shadow Knights : Idle RPG v50 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 17/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:50
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Destroy all your enemies with just one finger! Download Shadow Knights : Idle RPG MOD APK game so you can experience thousands of amazing RPG battles. Unlimited power, can you reach the level of the dark gods?

Introduce game Shadow Knights : Idle RPG

Shadow Knights : Idle RPG MOD APK is an exciting and engaging role-playing game. Become a minion of darkness, you will participate in all battles big and small. This RPG game also has a lot of unique features, different from similar games. With just one finger you can also complete this game. If you are quite busy, this is one of the games suitable for entertainment!

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Diverse, attractive and addictive game modes

Creating the Dark Knights

You can make all monsters your shadow knight! Indeed, every time you defeat the boss, you can conquer it. After being summoned again, they will be your effective arm on the remaining journey. Knights will help you fight small monsters. At that time, you just need to stand far away, assist in clearing monsters or fight bosses if there are any.

Dark knights can also be upgraded to be stronger. With each level of play, you have to continuously pass many different minimaps. So the importance of knights is understandable as they save you HP and attract small monsters. If you reach the last map with only a little HP left, it is very difficult for you to win. Try to upgrade the knights as much as possible!

Character upgrade

The Dark Lord will be the character that you accompany in this game. Use all the resources you have to upgrade his stats. From health, damage, attack speed or critical rate all need to be upgraded. Shadow Knights : Idle RPG is a game with limitless power, so the upgrade is also limitless. As long as you have the resources, you can still upgrade. In addition to the above basic stats, you also have to upgrade his skills. With a powerful set of 4 skills, he can clear a wave of monsters quickly.

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Infinitely upgrade your character’s power

Equipment system

Equipment is extremely important to unleash the power of the dark lord. Weapons increase in damage and armor increases defense. In Shadow Knights : Idle RPG, equipment is divided into different levels. The lowest is C level equipment and the highest is S level. In addition, they can also be upgraded to yellow S, red S, SS… with infinite power. To be able to earn a lot of equipment, you must participate in game modes, events and even missions. Dungeon trials also bring a lot of equipment, but it’s hard to get rare equipment like in the event.

Addictive gameplay

This idle gameplay lets you play with just one finger. You don’t even need to control with the auto-attack feature. Here, you can visit countless mysterious and dangerous dungeons. Monsters continuously appeared and prevented anyone from entering the dungeon. You will slowly destroy all the small monsters before encountering the final boss. Try the clever strategies you come up with to win against the boss. Accompanying you are shadow warriors created by yourself. They cannot respawn when destroyed until you have finished the current dungeon.

Choose the difficulty of the dungeon you are about to explore to increase the appeal! The highest difficulty will give you huge resources to upgrade your strength. However, with the highest difficulty, it is very difficult for you to overcome because the monsters here are extremely strong. Remember that the day’s play is limited, so don’t waste it! The challenge in Shadow Knights : Idle RPG is limitless, challenging any talented player.

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Attractive battles, beautiful graphics


Shadow Knights : Idle RPG has pretty and colorful graphics. With RPG titles, quality graphics is also an important factor. Especially in combat, the visual effects and skill effects need to be carefully designed and eye-catching. This game is doing a great job of that and more. Character design, bosses and diverse backgrounds also help players get more inspiration.

MOD APK version of Shadow Knights : Idle RPG

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download Shadow Knights : Idle RPG MOD APK for Android

Shadow Knights : Idle RPG MOD APK is really a fun and addictive idle RPG title. The combination of many game modes creates a lot of attractive content in this game. Especially the element of infinite power, it helps players to comfortably upgrade their strength. With just one finger you can become the best protagonist in the adventure to the tower of endless challenges!

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