USB Audio Player PRO APK v7.0.2.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 09/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:eXtream Software Development
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Have you found the right music player for you? USB Audio Player PRO APK is confidently the most perfect media player available today. Supporting USB audio DAC and Hires audio chip, this app will enhance your music experience many times over.

Introduce about USB Audio Player PRO

You may not know, the award-winning USB Audio Player PRO APK for audio technology. This application has more powerful features than today’s famous music players like Spotify or Gaana Music. You even see some settings options you never knew existed. As a result, this media player is sought after by many to improve the sound quality of original recordings. So many features like that, is it difficult to use this application?

USB Audio Player PRO
Provide you with the best audio file library

Sound Options

To talk about audio options, USB Audio Player PRO is confidently one of the applications with the most options. Especially, it supports USB audio DAC connected by OTG cable. Together with the Hires audio chip, you can play recordings at the highest quality resolution. You will experience clearer, sharper and more realistic sound. The application will control the software and hardware volume to ensure quality at all times. Countless other options you can adjust when playing any one audio track.

Play Options

USB Audio Player PRO supports native playback up to 32 bit/786 kHz. Meanwhile, today’s audio players are usually only at 16 bit / 48kHz. Thanks to the USB DAC and your device’s support, you can play smoothly at any speed or resolution. This is the flexibility required in a modern and advanced audio player.

In addition, you can experience some other playback options such as:

  • Network playback (SambaV1/V2, FTP, WebDAV)
  • Playback without gaps
  • Stream audio from Tidal (including Tidal Masters/MQA), Qobuz and Shoutcast
  • Bit-perfect playback
  • Gain playback and folder playback

Each option is free for you to experience freely. Thanks to this variety, you have more ways to listen to audio tracks in many styles.

USB Audio Player PRO Paid
Add your favorite songs and experience the perfect sound quality


After the latest update, this app has integrated MQA Core decoder. This is one of the UK’s award-winning audio technologies. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and small enough to stream or download. Tidal streaming service powered by USB Audio Player PRO has many tracks in MQA and offers a great opportunity to experience MQA.

The MQA decoder opens the MQA stream from 44.1/48kHz to 88.2/96 kHz. It can also be combined with a USB DAC featuring MQA rendering (e.g. AudioQuest DragonFly/iFi/Ztella) to further expand to even higher sample rates. Overall, this decoder is extremely important for all current audio players. However, not all applications have it.

Some other important features

USB Audio Player PRO has loads of attractive features to enhance user experience. To be able to experience it all, you should download the application and try it out. We only if through some features found through our testing process.

  • Convert DoP, Native DSD and DSD to PCM
  • UPnP media renderer and content server
  • Sample rate conversion (if your DAC doesn’t support the audio file’s sample rate, it will be converted to a higher sample rate if present, or highest if not)
  • 10-band equalizer
  • Upsampling (optional)
  • scrobbling
  • Android Auto
  • Build a Library of tracks with audio formats that won’t be available from the Android media database
  • More and more…
USB Audio Player PRO APK
Beautiful, lively playback interface

Paid Features

There are some features in the app that you need to pay to use. Eg :

  • Advanced parametric EQ from effects supplier ToneBoosters (approximately €1.99)
  • MorphIt Headset Simulator (about 3,29 €)
  • MQA Core Decoder (about €3.49)

If you want an enhanced experience, then buy them. We find the price very suitable for what they bring. Especially MQA Core, you should buy this feature first, we guarantee you will love it.

APK version of USB Audio Player PRO

This application is available on Google Play, you need to spend about 8.5$ to download. Pay one time, you can use it forever. But when it comes to, everything will be completely free. You just need to download our USB Audio Player PRO APK version below the article. Install quickly with just one touch, you can fully own this wonderful application.

Download USB Audio Player PRO APK for Android

In conclusion, USB Audio Player PRO APK is a great audio player, worth experiencing today. Rich, powerful features enhance the sound quality of original recordings. It supports playback at any speed, resolution or format. This is your great opportunity to experience the ultimate sound, don’t miss it!

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