TIDAL v2.85.0 Mod APK (Plus Unlocked)

Last updated: 02/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.85.0
MOD Info:Plus Unlocked
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Today, RedMod introduces readers to a popular music listening platform. It’s TIDAL Music – Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos.


TIDAL Premium APK is a popular music player in the world. It was released a long time ago, and currently has received over 10 million downloads from Google Play. There are mixed views for this application about the features it offers. Many people love TIDAL because of its excellent sound quality, offering the best listening experience. But there are many users do not like it, because the price of using this application is quite high. So we have a review of TIDAL below for your reference. Then we have provided you with the TIDAL Premium APK version for you to use it for free.

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Advantages of TIDAL

Like other mobile music applications, TIDAL Premium offers quite a full range of online and offline music features. It has a large music repository for users to enjoy whatever song you like. You can still listen to music online using a network connection or download it to listen to it anytime. A small advantage of this application is that the search for music is quite simple. On most windows you can use the search box on the right side of the screen. The results will be returned in the small search window, allowing you to leave the current screen. Even the wrong keywords (eg “Steve Wonder” instead of “Stevie Wonder”) are automatically corrected.

In addition, it also brings high quality sound to the best user experience possible. This is also the most outstanding feature of this application. And the song system is also divided by genre. The interface of TIDAL is quite simple and user friendly. In general, the basic features of a music application are included in TIDAL. And you have to pay a monthly fee to use all of its best features. We will not evaluate much of the advantages, because this application does not have many outstanding features compared to other music applications.

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A pretty expensive music application

Many people wonder that the existence of TIDAL is not abundant? Because this application requires a monthly maintenance fee. It would not be worth mentioning if it were not extremely expensive. Individual users need to spend about $ 20 per month to use the service of this application. It is easy to see, the price of TIDAL is much more expensive than other music applications like Apple Music or Spotify. Therefore, many users will not choose TIDAL for their music listening needs. Perhaps the price is so expensive for users who have high demands on sound quality when listening to music. Because TIDAL has completed the extremely good audio, it stands out from other applications.

There is no individuality

Most of today’s music applications allow users to choose their favorite music genre. And TIDAL will take to its home page, and give suggestions of the system, not based on user preferences. From the homepage, you can only favorite (favorite) albums, songs, videos or create your own personal playlists. Even the “Recommended” category is not about the content that is pertinent to each individual but only the content Tidal wants to promote. Obviously, this is a non-personal application.

Suggestions are not diverse

This is also our low rating of Tidal compared to other competing services. Both Apple and Google can recommend music to the user’s liking and thus become great ways to discover new artists that match your interests. With Tidal, you’ll be forced to listen to music in a “classic” way: educate yourself about the artists you might like and go on the service to search for the artist’s name.

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MOD APK version of TIDAL

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Overall, TIDAL is not an impressive application, it does not have many unique features like other applications. As you can see, it has quite a few basic drawbacks that a music app shouldn’t have. And the most important thing is that its price is much higher than other popular music apps like Spotify or App Music … Maybe this app will be suitable for users who like ancient music. Dictionary. However, we still provide you with a TIDAL Premium APK version so you can experience all the features of this application. The link to download the application is ready, just click on the link below and you can download it now.

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