Gaana Music v8.36.3 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 02/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:8.36.3
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Publisher:Gamma Ganaa
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

It is not too much to say that Gaana Music is the top music player today. It encapsulates world music and its sound quality is incredibly sharp. You can consider using our MOD version for the most perfect experience.

Introduce about Gaana Music

An application that is very popular in India and is gradually dominating the world market. A formidable opponent in the field of online music applications on mobile devices. Gaana Music gives you free and unlimited online access. Thereby helping you enjoy all the music in the world.

Summary of all the world music background

You can enjoy songs from Persian, Indian, Hindi, Spanish, Italian … or hits of US-UK and KPOP. Comprehensive music store 16 different languages around the world. Songs on music shows were also quickly approved. For example, you like a song of a contestant in The Voice, X-Factor but you can only listen to it on Youtube or social networking sites. But with Gaana Music, all those songs are updated constantly and quickly. Sometimes, listening to covers is better than the original singers!

Not only the latest songs, Gaana Music also includes a collection of old music. These can be songs or music styles that are no longer popular today. Gaana Music wishes you can enjoy all the best songs from past to present.

Copyrighted music

Currently, there are many music applications released. In it, there are high-end apps that have purchased music copyright from owners of those songs. There are also many applications that publish pirated music, not copyrighted. Therefore, we need to use the copyrighted music platform to support musicians. Gaana Music is a leading music player in the world, of course they bought the rights to all their songs. Therefore, you can be completely assured of music copyright issues.


Using Gaana Music, it’s easy to create your own playlists. Sort by artist name, by genre so that the music player continuously plays the songs you like best. In addition, the system will give you suggestions on songs with the same theme and genre for you to try. Thanks to that, you can find songs that are right for you, without you having to search.

Watch programs and listen to the radio

Not only an ordinary music player, Gaana Music also gives you entertainment in other forms. Those are the famous Indian TV shows, Comedy, News, Meditation, Practice, Film Reviews, Astrology, … You can watch these programs live or watch again anytime. what you want. In addition, you can also listen to radio with more than 30 stations Mirchi Radio.

Sound quality

The quality of music and sound is of utmost importance to every music player. No matter how good a song is but the quality of the sound is poor, it’s still a bad song. Therefore, any music listening platform is well invested in sound quality. And this is also a huge plus point of Gaana Music. It is packed with today’s top quality audio filters. Thereby, the sound comes out very clear and clear. Sometimes the sound quality makes songs much more enchanting.

Search system

Gaana Music’s music search engine is quite smart. Sometimes, you enter the incorrect search keyword, but the system still finds the correct song you are looking for. Or you can find songs with singers by searching for their names. This app also supports music search by region, by country. You will easily find the top songs according to the music charts of each country you love. This feature makes it easy for users around the world to choose the right music.

Create story

In addition to listening to music and watching shows, you can also create videos and short stories. With the Gaana Hotshots feature, creating videos and stories is incredibly simple. Your videos will be more interesting with the right song melodies. This is a unique feature of this app, which you only see in video editing apps. With sharing feature, you can also share your favorite stories and songs with just a few taps.

There are lyrics

For music lovers, they definitely need the lyrics feature for each music app. The music is not only good in the melody, but also gives a deep meaning in each sentence of the song. Therefore, any music player should have this feature. However, there are also some applications that have removed the feature of displaying lyrics. If you want an application that specializes in providing lyrics, Musixmatch is for you. But in the app Gaana Music, it has this feature available so you can experience it right away.

Latest update

Latest version: 8.30.2 (Updated on October 14)

In the latest update, the developer has fixed some small bugs and improved performance. Especially, in version 8.24.1, Gaana Music is adding Amoled Dark feature, giving you a whole new experience of this application.

MOD APK (Plus) version of Gaana Music

MOD feature

This is a premium subscription to Gaana Music, you will experience a number of offers. With the Plus package, you can download and listen to music offline, enjoying high definition sound. In particular, the ad will be removed, not making the session to the moment you enjoy your music.

The Plus plan is great, but of course you will have to pay a subscription. Its price is about 9.9 USD per month for Indians and 4.9 USD for foreigners. But at REDMOD, you will experience completely free. With Gaana Music Plus APK version, all Plus bundle offers are unlocked, easy to download and completely free to use.

Download Gaana Music Plus APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

What could be more wonderful than being able to enjoy top-notch music after a stressful working session. Gaana Music is truly an essential entertainment application for us. Join the world of top music with Gaana Music. You can download it at the link below.

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