Nautical Life 2 v2.00 Mod APK (Free Shopping, No Ads)

Last updated: 23/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.00
MOD Info:Free Shopping, No Ads
Publisher:Alphaquest Game Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Nautical Life 2 is a new version of the game of the same name, loved by many players. In this new version, players will experience a lot of new exciting activities and a lot of added features.

Introduce about Nautical Life 2

Nautical Life is a pretty famous simulation RPG, loved by millions of players around the world. This game was first released in 2016, for the Microsoft Windows platform. By 2021, the mobile version of Nautical Life will be released. And it is popular with many players thanks to its simple but extremely attractive gameplay.

After the success with Nautical Life, developer Alphaquest Game Studio has released the next version of this game. That is Nautical Life 2. Accordingly, this game has just been released in early May recently. As usual, after the introduction below, REDMOD will provide a link to download the Nautical Life 2 MOD APK game for you.

Create your character

In this game, you have the opportunity to own an island and develop the economy here. Before embarking on the journey of building and developing, you can create a character in your own style. The character that you control can customize many details about their appearance such as face, clothes, hair, shoes and accessories… During the game, you will collect more and more costumes for your character. you change the style.

Build the island of your dreams

At the beginning of the game, you have to build the first buildings for your island. From a small island like your bedroom, you have to expand it to be able to build the first buildings. In the beginning, you just need a place to live. Later, you have to upgrade and develop this island into a modern place full of buildings and amenities… The game offers hundreds of pieces of furniture for you to decorate your living quarters with.

To be able to build new buildings and ships, you must collect resources available on the island. The resources on the island can create new items. From those items, you can create many useful things for your life.

Adventure on the beautiful island

Once you have built and expanded your island, you can enjoy the life of your dreams in this place. You can explore beautiful places such as amusement parks, forests, beaches… You are the owner of this place, you can go anywhere you want. Be it a walk on the beach or board a modern ship to cruise around your island.

Conquer hundreds of fish species

On an island in the middle of the ocean, the biggest potential for you to develop is fishing. Let’s create different large and small ships to serve different fishing purposes. And the game has hundreds of different types of fish for you to catch. These fishes are classified according to rarity. Rare fish species will have a very high price, which can make you rich quickly. You need to pay attention when fishing, that’s when they appear. Depending on the cycle of day and night, or the weather will appear different types of fish.

Fishing rod is the main tool for you to catch fish. There are many different types of fishing rods for you to choose and use. Each type of fishing rod has its own parameters and attributes. The properties of each type of fishing rod will be suitable for fishing different species of fish. In addition, you also have to upgrade your rod. Aim to conquer the bigger fishes.

Discover interesting stories

In addition to building and fishing, you also get to socialize and meet other people on the neighboring islands. You can visit their residence, or vice versa. You can host them on your beautiful island. Each visitor has their own story. Let’s chat to discover those interesting stories. Each of those encounters has quests for you to complete.

Farm development

On the island, you can develop yourself a small farm. Here, you can grow plants like vegetables, fruits and raise animals. Thanks to that, you have a supply of vegetables, fruits, food. Those things can sustain your daily life, and can be sold to make money.

MOD APK version of Nautical Life 2

MOD features

  • Remove Ads
  • Free Shopping
  • Note: For the MOD feature to work, you must have an Internet connection. In addition, you must authorize in Google services.

Download Nautical Life 2 MOD APK latest version for Android

Nautical Life 2 is really an interesting role-playing game for everyone, all ages. Are you ready to participate in Nautical Life 2 to build your dream island? The link to download the game Nautical Life 2 MOD APK is ready below for you!

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