Cookie Run: Kingdom v3.0.002 Mod APK (No Skill CD)

Last updated: 02/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.002
MOD Info:No Skill CD
Publisher:Devsisters Corporation
Package:Google Play Link

Published by Devsisters Corporation, Cookie Run: Kingdom is an engaging and engaging role-playing game. From gameplay, storyline to graphics, it all gives you the best experience. Come to a lovely and beautiful kingdom where you will fight and defend this place. To make the game experience easier, you can consider using our MOD APK version.

Introduce about Cookie Run: Kingdom

Welcome to the Cookie kingdom, a land beautiful and full of fascinating stories. You will play the role and make this kingdom stronger and more wonderful. You will have companions in this new adventure. Team up and open up a new story for yourself right now!


The Cookie Kingdom is in danger from the onslaught of the dark forces. They lurk in the night and stalk this beautiful land. You are tasked with protecting everything here. In addition to rebuilding the kingdom, you need to go deep into the night with your friends to find the dark forces. Fight and destroy them, that’s the only way to keep this place peaceful. Play together in this fantasy adventure game, explore the story of Cookie Kingdom’s past and defeat all the forces of darkness.


In the Cookie Kingdom, there are many characters with powerful skills. On your journey, you will summon a lot of companions. Their skills can be healing, increasing damage, dealing main damage and increasing defense. In a match, you should choose for your team full of characters as above. This way, you can stay in the fight for longer and be sure of the victory.

How to win?

First, you need to select and arrange groups of characters for your team. Strategically choose Cookies based on their special skill. Lead your Cookies fighting in RPG style. In a match, Cookies will run continuously in a straight line. Occasionally a horde of soldiers will come out and you have to defeat them. Click the skills that appear on the screen to take them down the fastest. The process goes on continuously until you meet the last Boss. Skills will have a cooldown (about 10 seconds), so please use them properly.

PvP battle mode

Not only fighting to defeat monsters, you can also participate in fighting battles. Your opponents was builded of other players. This is the time when you show your ability after training and fighting. The fighting battles are always very stressful, the insiders always have to calmly handle in all situations and have reasonable strategies. PvP mode is also a mode that many players of Cookie Run: Kingdom extremely love.

Kingdom building

Fight and win will bring you lots of gold coins. Use that money to build your kingdom. Customize locations with unique decorations, parks, wood shops, jelly factories, and more. You can also build a magic room for your friend Wizard Cookie. Collect resources from buildings to expand and grow your kingdom. If you don’t like it, you can destroy and rebuild. The larger your kingdom is, the more powerful Cookies you gather will attract. You will have many talented companions on the way to defeat the dark forces.

Upgrade the power of Cookies

Unlock lots of new Cookies to choose the strongest person for your team. Daily quests will bring you many rare items, complete it to increase the strength of Cookies. In particular, the precious treasures that you can earn through more than 200 story chapters, will give Cookie a significant source of power.


The stunning visual effects and skills made us extremely impressed when experiencing Cookie Run: Kingdom. The character is cute and cute and has flexible movements. Diverse background, map with more than 200 story chapters. The pace of the game is quite fast, with epic combat animations. Playful, bustling background music helps players get better inspiration when experiencing.

MOD APK version of Cookie Run: Kingdom

MOD feature

  • No Skill CD : You can use the skill continuously

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom MOD APK for Android

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an adventure role-playing game and you should experience it. Attractive gameplay, eye-catching graphics, you will quickly be caught up in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom. This is a game that is surprisingly addictive. Do you hesitate without joining the Cookie kingdom right away with us!

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