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Idle Angels is arguably one of the best tactical RPGs. The game content is extremely attractive and has loads of attractive features. Collect, upgrade equipment, battle gods, fight with friends … All creating an role-playing game will not disappoint you. Join us to learn more about this great game!

Introducing the game Idle Angels

Combat system

You can build a 5-member combat team. Arrange the order of battle properly so that your angels maximize their strength. This game does not need you to manipulate your hands too much. Use your wisdom to build an invincible battle squad.


You can upgrade the angels’ stats and equipment. Fight to collect items after you win. You will get equipment such as weapons, clothes, pearls … Upgrading equipment will help you increase your war power. As you level up, you can upgrade or break through the main stats of the angels. Instead of steadily increasing stats like equipment upgrades, you can now choose to focus on key themes like damage, armor, and magic resistance … Consider your angel as a good general. resisting that increases the stats just right.

Once you reach the maximum upgrades for your angel, you can upgrade to the new stage called “Awaken”. This is the kind of upgrade that makes a strong breakthrough in stats. Your angel can power up many times more than normal champions. However, the awakening takes a lot of resources, which is not easy for you to achieve this power.

Character system

Idle Angels owns a system of more than 50 characters with a variety of forms and skills. Each character will possess a unique skill. Among them will be angels with remarkable strength. If you own one of them, you can have a higher win rate.


You can set up your own guild and manage it directly. To be able to attract more members, you need to be stronger than others. They will trust and join your clan to work together on quests, defeat Boss …

Idle feature

Your angel will automatically fight even when you are not online. Automatically fight, automatically receive items, you will get a lot of equipment and materials easily. This is also a way for you to gain more experience and levels. Reaching high levels helps you unlock more features.

Graphics, sound

The characters in Idle Angels are designed with 3D graphics and eye-catching effects. The battle screen will only show Boss and avatars of angels. However, when you touch the avatars, the angels will use beautiful skill sets. Plus live sound will give you an engaging, engaging fighting feeling.

MOD APK version of Idle Angels

MOD feature

In order to experience the game faster, please try to use this MOD version of our. Version Idle Angels MOD APK with MOD features:

  • Free Gifts: You can get rare items for free without watching ads

Download Idle Angels MOD APK for Android

Idle Angels is really an attractive and attractive game with special features. You should work side by side with other players to create a powerful clan to challenge Boss bang, bang battle. Showing your superior strength to other players is what you need to do. Do not hesitate to experience Idle Angels right with us!

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