DISGAEA RPG v3.2.10 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 14/04/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.2.10
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Publisher:Boltrend Games
Package:Google Play Link

The mobile version of DISGAEA RPG has officially been released! The previous PC version has created a big fever in terms of attractiveness. And now, DISGAEA RPG for Android will satisfy the fans of the role-playing genre in general and the fans of this game in particular. If you haven’t known this game before, find out with us now!

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Introduce game DISGAEA RPG

DISGAEA RPG is an outstanding game in terms of story and gameplay. The plot is adapted from the famous novel “Dark Assembly” so it is detailed and profound. An addictive turn-based RPG gameplay that demonstrates your tactical thinking and team building. As always, we will send you the MOD APK version so that you can experience the game more easily.


Netherworld is a place deeper than the deepest ocean and darker than the darkest cave. It is a chaotic world ruled by demons, monsters, and Overlords. No one knows exactly how to get to the Netherworld. But now this dark place opens and is open to all players. Entering the Netherworld, you must try to raise the Mightiest Overlord in this adventure.

Everything in the Netherworld is different from the life outside. DISGAEA RPG will reveal interesting stories about your favorite characters. You will accompany them through the ups and downs with the soundtrack of the series. “Netherworld History” for DISGAEA fans is once again reminiscent of their favorite stories and for newcomers to learn about the series’ earlier stories.


Battles system

Using turn-based combat, DISGAEA RPG offers you thoughtful and computational battles. Gather and build your strongest squad on the journey this time. Willing to fight with the most powerful “Boss” in the game. Exciting combat options like “Attacking Team”, “Tower” and “Throwing” make the game really strategic and fun.

Team formation is also really important in every battle. Depending on the fighting style of each character, you position them appropriately. You can also actively choose a target to attack. If you’re busy, turn on auto mode and your team will fight on their own. You can increase the battle speed by x4 to save time.

Awaken and upgrade your character in every way up to a maximum level of 9999. Levels will unlock more skilled characters & spells with new enhancements. From there, dealing tons of damage to your enemies.

Mission system, maps

The feature of the novel and the plot is extremely long because it has a high level of detail. Because it is adapted from the novel, the DISGAEA RPG will also have a variety of content. The game progresses in many different directions so that players have many things to experience. At the same time the quests will increase and there are countless locations to explore. Each NPC will bring you a new story and a new quest. Therefore, if you combine the main and side quests, you will take quite a long time to complete this game.


Equipment is an indispensable feature in role-playing games. Although there are many different variants, this unique feature will not be lost. Fighting monsters will drop items, their value will depend on their strength. Especially, if you defeat the Boss, you will drop a lot of rare items.

Equipment will greatly increase the character’s attack stats and defense times. Upgrading equipment will consume a lot of materials and gold coins, but it will give you a considerable amount of power. In the last chapters of the game, the monsters will be very powerful and you need to continuously increase your combat power.


Character in DISGAEA RPG entirely taken from the novel “Dark Assenbly”. Main characters such as Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Mao, Valvatorez and Killia from the entire series will reunite and begin an adventure filled with laughter and tears. Each person possesses a unique skill based on the fighting style. Primary support, resistance or damage, they are all very important. Their strength is rated by star level, the lowest is 1 star and the highest is 5 stars. You can also awaken them to mutate in strength.


DISGAEA RPG is built with 3D graphics and classic Netherworld setting. The characters are beautifully designed and cute by Chibi sketch method. Besides the visual effects, impressive skills create epic battles.


MOD feature

  • Menu MOD
  • DMG Multiple
  • Defense Multiple

Download DISGAEA RPG MOD APK for Android

Come to DISGAEA RPG to explore the world of Netherworld with us. This mobile version is a great gift for those who love the novel “Dark Assembly” or its PC version. Graphic design suitable for the phone and keeping gameplay and storytelling intact, DISGAEA RPG for Android will not make you feel disappointed.

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