SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle v1.9.000 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 29/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.9.000
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 6.0
Publisher:Studio Z,Inc
Package:Google Play Link

How long has it been since you played a popular manga themed RPG? In this article, REDMOD introduces you to an extremely attractive role-playing game that will surely make you satisfied. That is the game SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle, developed based on the manga franchise Shaman King.

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Introducing SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle

SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle is developed and published by Studio Z, Inc. Quite surprising that this is not a well-known developer or long-standing brand. Because the game is made by people who love the Shaman King franchise, not an experienced game studio.

But with only the first product, Studio Z, Inc. has received unexpected success. It was their SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle game that quickly gained the attention of players around the world. In particular, fans of this manga franchise are extremely interested. Even if you are not a fan of Shaman King, you are still attracted to this game.

Popular game content

A little introduction to Shaman King. This is a fairly famous Japanese manga brand, known in many different countries. It was created by the talented artist Hiroyuki Takei. Like other manga franchises, Hiroyuki Takei created various versions of the Shaman King series. Thanks to the attractive content and unique images, this series of stories is loved by many people. In addition, it was also adapted into an Anime for viewers to enjoy.

SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle is inspired and content from this cult manga franchise. The game will inherit both content as well as images to bring a familiar experience to players. Of course, there will be new content not found in the comics for you to gradually discover.

The plot of the game

As for the plot, SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle also follows the original plot of the manga of the same name. The story is about the adventures of the main character Yoh Asakura. He is a powerful mage and has many dreams. Because of that, he constantly honed his mage skills to become the Sorcerer King. Yoh Asakura finds a way to win the Mage War and fulfill his goal. Joining the game, you will be the one with the main character to enter the difficult but equally interesting Wizarding War.

Story-based role-playing gameplay

Basically, the game SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle brings familiar role-playing gameplay. In it there are many other mini game modes. The entire gameplay is developed around the plot, with both old content and new details. And of course the ending will depend on the player’s ability. Choose your character and enter dramatic Mage Wars to compete for the title of Sorcerer King.

The game’s character system is also taken from the original manga. Thereby, you can meet familiar characters like Yoh Asakura, Anna Kyoyama, Horohoro,… Each character has 5 level stars, you need to upgrade them as strong as possible. Then step into 3vs3 team matches to show your strength. The goal is to bring your team to the top.

Create new Anime footage

Through playing the game, you are the one to revive the hit Anime Shaman King many years ago. Same storyline but new added content and you are the direct creator of that content. Combined with familiar images, the video you play the game is like the new Anime episodes in the newly released Shaman King series. Experience the game SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle to become the next screenwriter for this cult Anime franchise!

Stunning 3D graphics

Not only possessing attractive gameplay, but the game also has very impressive graphics. It’s a high-quality, Japanese-style 3D graphics background. The design part, the game still follows the shape of the manga as well as the Anime episodes. But with the quality of 3D graphics, the game offers even more beautiful images than the original series.

In addition to the character creation, the character’s movements are also very commendable. You will feel the smoothness and flexibility while the character fights. In addition, there are extremely spectacular cinematic effects. Those skills are shown through the character’s skills. These can be mentioned as Vacuum Buddha Slash, Chinese Slash Dance, Kaukaupuri Wenpe,… These moves are completely reproduced in 3D.

Professional voice actor

As introduced, the game SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle wants to revive the Anime footage in the Shaman King series. Therefore, the voice acting for the game is extremely important. Accordingly, the developer has obtained the voice rights of the artists who have voiced the official Anime series. And you’ll enjoy familiar voices, but in completely new content.

Currently, the game has nearly 30 characters, along with the narrator that needs to be voiced. And the game has invested heavily when it has full voice actors for each different character. Therefore, you will experience the game with the most realistic feeling. Like other players, they don’t get bored because there are so many voice actors.

MOD APK version of SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle

MOD features

Menu MOD

  • Damage Multiplier. This stat is greatly increased to help you quickly defeat your opponent;
  • Defense Multiplier. This stat helps you strengthen your defense, the opponent can hardly defeat you

Important Note: MOD version needs to work on devices with working original apk. It is possible that logging into Twitter may not be possible. Later versions will be improved to easily be compatible with more Android devices. Currently the game does not support arm64 devices.

Download SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle MOD APK for Android

Overall, SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle is really an excellent RPG. It is well-completed in terms of content, gameplay as well as images. Moreover, the number of fans of the Shaman King franchise is also very large, so this game will quickly become known to many people. However, it is currently only releasing the Japanese version. Therefore, international players have difficulty in playing the game because of language problems. Surely the game will be released internationally in the future. For now, you can download the SHAMAN KING Funbari Chronicle MOD APK with Japanese to experience it!

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