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Last updated: 28/11/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:0.22.9
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Trilokia Inc
Package:Google Play Link

Do you believe you can play graphic games even if your phone is too weak? With the Pro Graphics Toolkit application, this is entirely possible. This application will help you to adjust the configuration of the game that best suits your phone. You will understand more about it through the article below.

Introduce about Pro Graphics Toolkit

Shooting games always give players the most dramatic and engaging moments. In the past few years, emerging as a wave of resurgence, is PUBG Mobile game. Its spread is really too great when the number of users is no less than the PC version. Because this is a high-profile game, the lag or slow speed happens too often with weak devices.

But due to the need to play games so great, Trilokia created an application that improves that. That application is Pro Graphics Toolkit, which allows you to deeply tweak the game’s configuration. You can customize settings so that the game configuration is suitable for your device.

Pro Graphics Toolkit is released on Google Play, but you have to pay money to buy this app. It sells for around $ 2.99. However, this price may vary depending on the country of release. Many times, the developer even offers a discount so that people can easily purchase this application. As of the present time, Pro Graphics Toolkit is greatly discounted, only less than 1 dollar.

Play PUBG Mobile smoothly

PUBG has been a familiar name for every gamer. It is considered the best survival game ever. There have been many other survival game products released, but no game has surpassed it. Even, it is the first game to initiate the kind of survival game.

More detailed options

As you know, the developer lets you customize the configuration of PUBG Mobile with 3 basic options. These are Low, Medium, and High. This division is not detailed so that players can customize the game further. This makes it difficult to adjust for your device best. But with Graphics Toolkit, it gives you many more options about configuration settings. With Pro Graphics Toolkit, you can customize resolution, FPS, image quality …

Choose the right graphics quality

On low-end devices, you can’t demand gaming with high picture quality. Therefore, you need to adjust the quality to the lowest possible level. Along with that, you also need to turn off character shadows, turn off visual effects … And most importantly, the game speed is much more stable.

For powerful configuration devices, you can raise the picture to HD quality. You will see enemies in the distance, which is really beneficial for you and your team. In addition, you can add visual effects or character silhouettes. This will make your game have the most realistic and vivid graphics, suitable for shooting games. However, we do not recommend leaving all customizations to the maximum. Because the more realistic the graphics, the more eye fatigue you play the game. After a long time playing PUBG with the highest graphics, your eyes will surely be tired and dizzy.

Optimized to save battery power

Using Pro Graphics Toolkit will help you save maximum memory and battery usage when playing games. You can play the game longer because the system automatically removes unnecessary items. Graphics Toolkit focuses on maximum processing speed as well as stable configuration in the game. When your battery is low, the system will automatically return to the low resolution to help you save maximum battery usage. Thereby helping you not to miss the dramatic and attractive confrontations.

This is an extremely impressive feature of the Pro Graphics Toolkit application. As you probably know, gaming with high graphics will consume a lot of battery on the device. It will be very annoying when you are playing a game and your phone runs out of battery. And Pro Graphics Toolkit has done a bit of support for you in this regard. Thanks to the battery saver feature, your gaming time will be significantly longer.

Unlock HDR graphics

First of all, we will explain about HDR graphics. Its full name is High Dynamic Range, which makes the graphics more vivid. The resolution will determine the sharpness, then HDR will make the graphics more colorful and eye-catching. HDR is also very important to gamers in games that need agility like PUBG Mobile …. HDR increases brightness, contrast, color flare and image quality. However, not all games support HDR. Pro Graphics Toolkit is the tool that unlocks this feature. It allows you to unlock HDR graphics on any game. And of course, the quality also depends on the strength of the phone you use.

Unlock FPS levels

FPS is the level of the frame rate per second. The smoothness of the graphics or the speed of the game load will depend on the FPS. Usually, games will not have the FPS editing feature. Pro Graphics Toolkit is therefore the must-have application. It allows you to unlock and edit multiple FPS levels from 30, 60 or more advanced 120, 240. If you are a pro gamer, then the FPS level 120 and 240 will be right for you. At such a high level, maximum focus is required as your eyes will have to adapt to the ultra-fast movement of the frame. So if you’re playing games for fun, switch back to FPS 30 or 60.

Optional version of the game

PUGB Mobile has many versions in many different countries. Pro Graphics Toolkit will help you fully compatible with the version in your country. Currently it supports all versions as global beta, Korea, Vietnam, LITE, Global and China. To be able to optimize the game, please select the correct version to install. This app also allows you to restore default settings. As a result, you can feel free to set the settings until you feel the best.

Customize the shadow

In PUGB Mobiel, shading is also extremely important factor. Many times you will spot enemies hiding through their shadows falling on the floor. However, this feature requires your device to be really powerful. If your device is too weak, turn on Pro Graphics Toolkit and turn off shadows. This will increase the smoothness in PUGB Mobile.


You can often see the edges of stairs, wooden boxes, walls … in PUGB Mobile there are tiny spikes and extremely uncomfortable undulating. Anti-aliasing is the feature that soothes those objects. Everything in the game will be smoothed and less coarse. Just go to the Pro Graphics Toolkit’s option and turn it off. This way, you will no longer see those unpleasant objects.

User reviews on Google Play

Pro Graphics Toolkit is a very popular application in the PUGB Mobile community. As a result, the application received a lot of different streams of comments. Here are some of them:

“To the publisher, I found the app very useful, but I have an idea that adding the function to automatically turn off the in-game configuration in the graphic section is auto adjust graphic, it will take less time for me to turn it off and everyone. Hope the publisher listen to my opinion and see if it is possible to add or not, thank you “

“Very good! It is recommended that you shoot pubgm on android so you should download it for trial, especially for machines with low configuration”

“The quality hasn’t been fully evaluated, but it’s still ok to use it. It might be better to have installation instructions for each machine. Specifically, installation instructions for weak devices.”

“Parachuting in crowded areas is quite jerky, about 10 seconds then stabilized. Hope to fix it because I tried to use the file fix lag, there is no above situation but later it is not as stable. “

Latest version

After each update, the Pro Graphics Toolkit application adds new features and fixes some minor bugs. In the latest version, you will see new things like fixing the save sensitivity setting option (reset problem). You need to enable saving sensitivity from the advanced graphics settings. In addition, the developer will soon release beta version with Android 11 and support the battleground version in India. Fixed Force 90 FPS, Force Potato Graphics (Experimental Settings) and other minor bugs. Added support for version 0.16.0X (Global, India, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan).

Note: first time opening the app it will reset the settings but after that it won’t happen again.

Pro Graphics Toolkit APK Version

In addition to the Pro Graphics Toolkit version, the developer also has another free version. These two versions are released independently, not the same application. For this Pro version, you will experience some more advanced features of Graphics Toolkit. Which includes:

  • No-lag mode: On low-end devices, you need to reduce the lag to the maximum for smoother gameplay. This also helps you to save most of the battery usage.
  • GPU optimization: You can customize the OpenGL shaders to make the game run smoother. This feature can be found in the advanced settings of the app.
  • Smart widget: This feature will automatically create a shortcut on the home screen. Every time you need to customize a setting, you can open it right away. As such, you can install in match without clicking the Home button.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: Currently, this feature only supports VULKAN and OpenGL 3.1+.

Requirements of the application

To use this application, you need to give it some permissions as below:

  • Memory to apply and backup graphic settings.
  • Internet to download settings from developer’s server.
  • Cancel background apps to increase memory.


Can I lose my PUGB Mobile account using Pro Graphics Toolkit?

This issue you can rest assured about it. Pro Graphics Toolkit is an application that helps you install, customize the configuration and graphics, without any intervention on the game account. As a result, the account you are logged into cannot be exposed or stolen. In addition, the number of users of this application is very large, everyone is very satisfied with it.

Why can’t Pro Graphics Toolkit be installed on my phone?

First of all, you need to make sure that the application permissions are opened. This will enable the application to begin installing. In addition, you can check whether the device’s memory is full.

Why is using Pro Graphics Toolkit more jerky?

Do you need to note that your device is powerful enough to set it to the highest level of configuration? A lot of people after the settings have adjusted to the highest defaults, causing the machine to fail to load and causing jerky phenomena. Please use the setting that is best and most suitable for the device you are using.

Download Pro Graphics Toolkit APK

Survival shooters always require you to have smart movement combined with accurate aiming. These factors are difficult to accomplish if you play the game with lag and speed of processing delays. Therefore, Graphics Toolkit is really an indispensable application for those who love this game series. You can download and install the free Pro Graphics Toolkit at the link below.

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