Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial v1.40 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 21/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.40
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial is an extremely attractive Roguelike style role-playing game. It gives you an exciting and equally dramatic experience.

Introduce about Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial

Roguelike style RPG is a classic game genre that was once loved by players all over the world. But nowadays, such games are not released as much as before. This is really a pity for those who love this game genre. Fortunately, game developers are working on a plan to bring popular games for PC to mobile devices. And Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial is one of them.

As you may already know, Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial was one of the most popular role-playing games a few years ago. It was developed by the company IceSitruuna. The first version was released in October 2019 for PC. And recently, this game has been officially available on Android for users to experience.

Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial mobile version is released by a unit other than IceSitruuna. Which is YOULOFT GAMES, a famous mobile game company. Accordingly, the Android version is sold for a rather expensive price of $ 6.99. That’s why we bring you Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial version for you. Not only it’s free, but also many other unique features.

Story of the game

Joining the game, you start an adventure journey with the main character Erza. She is a brave heroine who embarks on an arduous adventure. Ever since she was a child, Erza made a deal with the Devil about her ability to reincarnate. This is a special ability that no one else has. Thanks to that, she overcame many pitfalls and difficulties in her adventure journey.

Erza enters the great tower and begins her journey to uncover the truth behind the thrilling story of this place. Every time she is defeated, she does not die, but can respawn in the original position when she first appeared. That was the ability she traded with the Devil. But while playing, you can help her revive at the current location thanks to rare props. Let’s defeat the enemy with Erza, collect the best ingredients to face this adventure!

Adventure role-playing gameplay

It is not difficult to get used to Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial if you are familiar with the Roguelike RPG genre. At the beginning of the game, you control your character to move in a dungeon or castle to explore everything. While exploring, you have to face a lot of monsters and enemies that stand in your way. Use your fighting ability, along with your character’s bravery, to defeat all enemies.

The gameplay is also very simple. You just need to move the character and choose different moves to fight. Depending on the strength of each opponent, you choose the right move. If you can’t fight directly with too strong an opponent, find a way to dodge. In particular, you should combine the character’s skills with weapons and magic to create unexpected attacks.

Character development and experience accumulation

Through each level, you and the main character will become stronger. You will have better reflexes in dodging enemy attacks, knowing how to combine skills properly. All of that requires experience from playing the game for a long time. As for the character, the later Erza becomes stronger to face stronger opponents. Collect materials to create the best items for her.

Metroidvania system

Metroidvania is a clever feature in this game. This system allows you to quickly execute commands using skills, weapons, and spells. The launch of quick moves, at the right time brings high efficiency when fighting. That helps you to quickly win.

Graphics and sound

As for the visuals, Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial does not have many changes compared to the original on PC. It still owns 2.5D graphics, which is not too impressive, but the quality is not bad. Of course, the game’s image has been improved to display sharper on smartphones. Familiar Anime visual style, giving you the same familiarity as the original. Of course, when playing on the touch screen you will have a completely different experience.

The sound, this game is completed at an average level, not much outstanding. During combat, the sound effects of skills bring you a more vivid experience. Along with that is the background music when you wait before entering the match. However, those sound effects and background music are not diverse.

MOD APK version of Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial

MOD features

  • Menu MOD: After starting the game, open the REDMOD logo to enable the game’s MOD feature.
  • Free Shopping: You can buy a premium set with real money for free. To apply this feature click on the gift icon above the moving stick.
  • Unlimited Health: Your character has endless health, not afraid of any opponent.

Download Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial MOD APK free for Android

There is no need to evaluate too much to confirm the quality of Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial. Because the number of people playing this game on PC in the past time has shown that. And now, with the mobile version, you will have an experience that is both familiar and new. Touchscreen adventure feels even better than playing on PC. What are you waiting for without downloading Tower Hunter: Erzas Trial MOD APK now to experience it!

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