Beat Wars Escalation Heroine v1.29.0 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 14/10/2022 (11 months ago)

Latest Version:1.29.0
MOD Info:Menu MOD
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Beat Wars Escalation Heroine MOD APK is an extremely attractive strategy game. It takes you to a sci-fi world where you control female warriors to protect world peace.

About Beat Wars Escalation Heroine

Beat Wars Escalation Heroine is developed by Digital Entertainment Ltd. They are not an official developer, not many people know. And their game is not released on Google Play either. It is launched on the Nutaku platform, you can play directly on the web or download for Android devices.

In this article, REDMOD brings Beat Wars Escalation Heroine MOD APK version for you. This version has been revised and added with unique features. You can easily download and install it on your Android phone, or an Android emulator on your computer. However, you should note that this game requires a login to play. So, if you don’t have an account, go to to register. You just need to enter your email and choose a password to get an account to log in.


The game’s story takes place on Earth, at a time of intense magic and mysterious power. Life here was peaceful and happy, until the arrival of Aldark. This is a dark and extremely cruel force. They plan to invade Earth, the most developed planet today. They began to bring troops and create fierce battles.

Not letting the Earth be invaded, the bravest people formed an army to fight against Aldark. That is Die-Beat, the organization that protects the earth. They summon the most powerful heroes to fight against the enemies. In this game, you are the leader of the Die-Beat organization. You need to mobilize the most powerful army to be ready for any war.

Character system

A special feature in this game is the character system. Instead of male heroes, the game has the appearance of female heroes. They are extremely beautiful and charming girls. Not only that, they also possess incredible strength. If you can lead them, they will fight for you to protect the Earth.

Another interesting thing is the source of the power of these warriors. In other games of the same genre, you have to let the character learn skills or buy items to increase their strength. But in Beat Wars Escalation Heroine, these characters need love. They need to be pampered and have their need for “love” fulfilled in order to gain strength. From there, they fought to the best of their ability, defeating all enemies.

Strategic gameplay

The gameplay of Beat Wars Escalation Heroine is developed quite simply. Your task in the game is simply to control these girls to fight the enemy. You do not need to control the character directly, you just need to choose the character and choose the appropriate skill. Those battles also require the player’s strategy.

Every day, the game will give you a certain number of tasks. You have to complete the task as quickly as possible. Each mission follows the main plot of the game. Thereby, you also discover the interesting stories of each character.

Dating factor

In addition to the strategic battle mode, the dating mode in the game Beat Wars Escalation Heroine is equally interesting. As introduced, girls need love to summon extraordinary powers. And it is you who must perform that task. Only the main character is you, must date all the girls in the game. Help them satisfy their love and unleash their power.

Eye-catching images

The images in the game are designed in quite eye-catching 3D form. Although the overall quality of the graphics is only 2D, it still gives you an extremely impressive experience. Especially the character creation part. The character system is modeled in detail, both in terms of face and body. In addition, there are unique and charming costumes to increase the beauty of the character.

MOD APK version of Beat Wars Escalation Heroine

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • Dumb Enemy (No Atk)
  • Atk Speed x10
  • DMG x10

Download Beat Wars Escalation Heroine MOD APK latest version for Android

Beat Wars Escalation Heroine brings you a new experience in the role-playing strategy game genre. You will be free to fight, and date any girl you like. A free and engaging gameplay, sure to make every gamer satisfied. Here is the link to download Beat Wars Escalation Heroine MOD APK completely free for you.

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