Grow Castle v1.39.6 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 28/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.39.6
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:RAON GAMES
Package:Google Play Link

Defend your castle against the powerful onslaught of enemies in Grow Castle MOD APK now! Choose from 120 heroes to help you with their amazing skills.

Introduce about Grow Castle

Grow Castle is a traditional tower defense game published by RAON GAMES. You will be given a castle and your task is to defend it. For those who love the tower defense genre, I believe this game will be addictive. Although the gameplay is extremely simple, it makes players unable to take their eyes off. Arrange, create a strategy, recruit heroes and begin your journey through the difficult levels ahead of you.

Lối chơi chính

Like Heroes of Tactics, you need to protect a tower that is in danger of being destroyed. Enemies kept coming in waves and ravaging the tower as soon as they could reach it. Your task is to do everything to keep them from getting close to the tower. It looks simple, but it’s actually quite different!

There are two types of towers that you need to protect: the main tower and the secondary tower. The main tower will be in the front so you can easily arrange the heroes in the right positions. The main tower can help you recruit many powerful units with special skills. It can also be upgraded through stages, in terms of HP and MP. The difficulty will increase day by day so upgrading will help you adapt to the game progress. Meanwhile, the side tower has only one place to place troops and a single skill.

The waves of enemies will come more and more numerous and powerful. A characteristic of tower game titles is that each level you will have to face a boss. They will appear eventually with considerable resistance. If you do not clear the small enemies in time, it is very difficult for you to kill the boss. They can withstand your onslaught for a long time. Make sure the attacks from your army are fast enough, before the tower can’t take it anymore.

Strategy is very important

You need to create effective and varied strategies. Experiencing the matches you will accumulate experience and a very good way of fighting. Each hero selection will create different tactics. And moreover, choosing a hero depends on what the enemy consists of. For example, to attack at a distance or speed up the game, players can use mages. Each unit will have different characteristics suitable for attack positions at close and long distances.

Hero List

Through each level you will unlock new heroes. Currently, Grow Castle has more than 120 different heroes. Each character will have a different fighting style and skills. Archers, artillery, swordsmen or mysterious magicians are ready to assist you in each level. For example, wizards can freeze enemies, while witches can summon thunder and Stoner can throw large stones at enemies.

After purchasing a hero, you must upgrade to improve stats like damage, duration, and attack. Upgrading will take a lot of resources, so you have to work hard to complete missions and achievements. Upgrades are required so that you can take on more powerful enemies. No matter how many heroes you have, always leave them at their strongest.

Online guild system

You won’t have to experience Grow Castle alone! Indeed, the publisher has launched the online guild feature. There, you can join a group with many other players around the world. This is an online mode, with guild leaderboards and much more. You can create a clan yourself or join someone else’s group. Every week there will be top guild racing events with extremely attractive rewards.


I find Grow Castle has quite simple graphics. It shows through the character design and the surrounding context. The character’s action animations are also nothing special. But it still has the plus points of game effects, combat effects. In general, it seems that the publisher focuses on gameplay rather than graphics. Anyway, it’s still acceptable for a traditional tower game.

MOD APK version of Grow Castle

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download Grow Castle MOD APK latest version for Android

I firmly believe that Grow Castle will attract anyone with its addictive gameplay. Since its launch, this game has received a lot of reviews from players every day on. All are extremely positive reviews about the gameplay, features and graphics. Download our MOD APK version to make your tower defense journey easier!

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