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Last updated: 16/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1560
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Take the world of books with you wherever you go with the ReadEra Premium MOD APK utility app! You can read books for free in a multitude of different genres. To satisfy the needs of reading enthusiasts, READERA has worked hard to develop this amazing app!

Toomics ready to provide you with a huge and diverse collection of comic books for free.

Introduce about ReadEra Premium

ReadEra Premium is the most popular free book reader available today. It allows you to read books anywhere, anytime even offline. Its features are powerful, the utility enhances the user experience. In particular, this is a reading application capable of reading all formats. Indeed! We believe that you will soon be conquered by this wonderful application from the first time you experience it.

Large library of books

ReadEra Premium offers an online library of thousands of books. They are all books selected by experts. Each book is useful and gives you a lot of knowledge. ReadEra Premium’s library of books has many genres, from economic, social to historical, political.., you will quickly find what you need here. Each book has a short description, giving you an overview of its contents. That way, it’s easier and faster to find the book you love.

Not stopping there, ReadEra Premium constantly updates new and better books. Experts and book lovers will choose the books with the best content. Every good book needs to have many criteria: good, useful and topical content. We believe, every book in this app is quality and worth seeing. You can also recommend books that you think are good. Maybe one day you will see it in the gallery of this application.

Huge library of books

Handles all book formats

ReadEra Premium can read all Microsoft document formats. From PDF, Wordm TXT to rare formats such as EPUB, CHM, FB2… This application has an extremely intelligent processor to be able to accept all current document formats. That’s why ReadEra Premium can bring you more great books. That is also the strength that it has more in similar applications on the market today.

Manage books easily

This application has the ability to automatically detect and filter books and documents. For example, an Epub book, PDF Story, Microsoft Word document or PDF newspaper that has just been downloaded from the internet will appear in the reader for reading. You can easily access and experience the downloaded file in the fastest way. Moreover, you can also easily manage books by folders: favorites, genres, read… The management is scientific, helping you always know what to do every time you access it. application.

Set reading mode

Feeling comfortable while reading will also increase your inspiration. Therefore, ReadEra Premium always strives to enhance your experience. It can create many settings options for you to adjust. Change a little color to ease the eyes when reading: day – night mode, sepia or console… Screen orientation, brightness, page margins to create the most comfortable view. In addition, you can also customize the font, page size, weight, line spacing… in all the formats you want.

With a floating pen, you can highlight the lines of notes that are important to you. Highlight these pieces of text with different colors. Thanks to that, the notes are saved and you can find them again at any time. This is a habit of book enthusiasts, and the implementation is so much more convenient thanks to this wonderful application!

ReadEra Premium APK 444x789
The reading modes are extremely convenient

Kids mode

A special kids mode has been created in this top app. The books have a special look and feel and are more suitable for children. Simple interface, large book cover, easy to control, so parents can easily manage child-safe content. Kids mode can be enabled and disabled in the three-dot menu for the current target or for the book to read.

Save memory

ReadEra Premium Reader does not copy books and documents into its store. It automatically detects duplicate files, saves bookmarks, quotes, notes and current reading page. Removing duplicate documents helps you free up memory on your device. Even if files are moved or deleted, it is still detectable. For example, even if you delete the files and download the book again, you will be able to continue reading the book from the last read page.

Premium Features

In addition to the basic features, this application has a few more advanced options for you. Specifically :

  • Synchronization : Sync books, documents, reading progress, bookmarks and citations with Google Drive across all your devices;
  • The “Excerpts and Notes” section : All excerpts, notes, bookmarks and reviews from all books and documents collected in one place. Exclusive item in the ReadEra Premium menu;
  • My font : You can upload your own fonts and use them for reading;
  • View library : Customize the display of books and documents in the library: full, summary, thumbnail, grid;
  • Color for quotes : Add color to highlight excerpts or text in books and documents you read. Thoughtful, simple algorithm for working with excerpts and notes;
  • Miniature pages : Thumbnails for all pages of the book being read – convenient for quick visual navigation through the book or document.
ReadEra Premium Paid 888x555
Easy setup with lots of settings

Application interface

We guarantee that you will be pleased with ReadEra Premium’s smart, minimalistic interface. The library of books is clearly classified by categories and genres for you to easily find. Besides, the application also provides a search bar for you to find books by name or use a filter in it. The reading options are also subtly displayed, without affecting the reading interface and you can customize at any time. Overall, ReadEra Premium gives you a smart, simple and easy to use interface.

APK version of ReadEra Premium

ReadEra Premium is a smart, convenient application and a favorite choice of users. It is currently available on the Google Play store, you can download it at any time. The price of this book is around $7, it varies by region. For us, this is a reasonable price for what it brings.

With, you’ll always get everything for free. Even this app is the same, you just need to download our APK file. Free to download and easy to install, you can quickly experience this application without spending any money.

Reviews from users

For a more accurate and overview of this application, you can join us to refer to user reviews. They have used it directly, so it will have extremely valuable reviews.

“Very good! Hope the developer adds the following functions: – Align the font size to the page size for pdf files – Select a collection instead of automatically adding an existing collection when clicking on it. “Collection””

“A great app. Only lack of synchronization to automatically save ebooks online in case the device crashes or changes. Second, there is no page-turning effect like Google and Apple. I’m Premium and feel extremely satisfied with its content”

“Ok! The reader application is very standard. But sometimes it takes a long time to load stories, maybe because of my internet speed. However, for me personally, this application is extremely perfect. Only one day of using the session the free version, I decided to buy the Premium package. It’s worth the money!”

“Great, this is the most fully functional reading app I know. I can find a lot of great books that I have never known. But if there is more support, installation instructions for users. It’s great to use. Hope the publisher will update soon!”

Download ReadEra Premium APK for Android

Hopefully through our article, you can better understand the features of ReadEra Premium. This is a great app with a powerful content offering for book enthusiasts. We believe, you will quickly be convinced by this application in the first experience. Don’t forget to download our APK file so you can own this app for free!

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