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The editing sow on smartphone devices is increasingly popular. Because today there are many great tools for you to edit videos professionally. You can easily find an application that suits your needs. And today, we present you a popular video editing application, which is trusted by many people. That is KineMaster Pro.

Some other video editing tools: Soloop, Funimate, Motionleap

Introduce about KineMaster

KineMaster is a video editing application, with lots of powerful editing features, easy to use. It was developed by KineMaster Corporation, launched quite a long time ago. With this application, you have many options for video editing such as color schemes, background stitching, voiceover and many special effects. Thanks to that, you can create high-quality videos for yourself, creating your own style.

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Smart interface

The first important thing that users care about in video editing application is ease of use. If a tool has many features that are difficult to use, it is not popular with users. Therefore, a video editing application should have outstanding features combined with an easy to use interface.

KineMaster is designed with an intelligent interface. Immediately after opening the application, you can see that all the main features are clearly visible. The Media panel is the large circle on the right side. Here you can import media, record voices, create new layers, or visit the KineMaster Sample Store. When you select the layer you want to edit, it will display all the tools on the right, making it easy to choose.

The basic video collage features

As you know, editing features such as cut, merge, add sound effects, music to video are all basic features of a video editing application. And all of this is available in the KineMaster app. Furthermore, the editing method of these features is also extremely simple. And the results that KineMaster brings are beyond your expectations. If you don’t speak, no one will know you just need an app on Android to create those videos.

Video recording tool support

Not only does it allow you to edit videos with a range of features, this app also lets you capture very good videos. When you open the app, you will see a Camera icon to choose to record videos with the KineMaster app. The video recording feature of KineMaster is equipped with many professionally customized color filters. Thanks to that, you can directly create a video from KineMaster without recording from your phone’s Camera then edit.

You do not need to worry about the camera quality of this application, it does not change quality compared to the original camera of the device. Because there are quite a few camera apps out there that don’t produce high quality video compared to video shot from the default camera. But KineMaster ensures that the video quality produced is not reduced, the same as the original camera.

Support dubbing, background music and sound effects

During the video editing process, you can incorporate into your favorite sound effects. More importantly, the table must also incorporate sound effects suitable for the theme and situation in the video. Not just sound effects, you can add voice, background music or any sound. Equalizers are preset for you to enjoy creating amazing effects.

These are the features that users use the most for each video editing app. The manipulations to perform them are very simple, not as complicated as you think. These operations are simple, but its effectiveness will surprise you. You can insert multiple sounds and background music into video at the same time and manage them easily.

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Support output video up to 4k 30fps

The outstanding feature of KineMaster compared to other applications is the ability to export high quality videos. KineMaster allows you to export videos up to 4k. Thanks to that, the output video will retain the sharpness and detail on the video. Add to that 4 times the pixel density and 30fps frame rate. These features will make your edited video smoother and more beautiful. This is really a useful feature that not every application can have. And that is also the reason why KineMaster is always favored by many users.

Live video filters

In order not to spend much time on editing, KineMaster brings built-in filters for you to change the video style. These filters are divided into many different topics for you to choose freely. With just a few touches, your video easily forms a classic, nostalgic, black and white, artistic video, … These filters also do not reduce video quality when output. Currently, this application has many different filters for you to choose from. Not only that, the developer will also add new filters in the future.

For social networks

As soon as you have successfully edited, you can save it or choose to share immediately. This application allows you to share to any social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Or you send it directly to your friends via Messenger, … The unique videos created by KineMaster will attract a lot of your friends.

In particular, it is also a great application for YouTubers or Bloggers. Video editing for them is extremely important. And KineMaster has all the essentials for a complete video. If your work requires regular video editing, do not miss this application. What it offers is more than just a mobile video editing app.

Special features of KineMaster

In addition to the basic features, KineMaster also has many other special features. And the unique feature that we appreciate in this app is Chroma Key. This is a tool available only in the paid version of KineMaste. This feature is also known as Green Font. It is a professional effect widely used in cinema and television.

This effect is used to cut off the background of the video to combine with another video. For example, you can split the subject of a video and merge it into another background video. This is how movies use to create bogus shots. Usually, the feature is performed by professionals, together with professional tools. And of course, not everyone can do that. It’s surprising that a mobile application like KineMaster can do this. However, KineMaster can only separate videos with clear backgrounds and subjects. This feature is only for entertainment, so the quality cannot be as high as when editing with professional tools.

New features updated

KineMaster is considered to be the most diverse video editing application for mobile phones, and KineMaster is constantly adding new features. After each update, there will be new features added by the developer for users to explore. Following are the new features available in the latest version of KineMaster.

  • Add new filters to make your videos more vivid.
  • Added option to download Premium assets.
  • Allows videos with Premium properties to be exported by viewing ads. This is a new feature that a lot of users love.
  • Added support for importing animated GIF files.
  • Added speed control for video layer.
  • Fixes some minor problems encountered in previous versions.

Is this app easy to use?

Many users wonder, is this KineMaster easy to use? It is very difficult to answer such questions. Because KineMaster is a fairly simple and effective video editing tool, widely used by many people. All editing operations are as simple as touching the screen. But of course, you won’t be able to make full use of its features in the first place. You need to take time to learn and use to master its operations.

After a while, you will definitely become a professional video editing expert. Even if you haven’t edited a video before, don’t worry. If you find it difficult, you can find instructions through videos on Youtube or other social networks. In addition, there are social media groups exclusively for KineMaster users. They are ready to share their experiences and knowledge about this application with you.

The minus points of KineMaster

  • The price of this app is quite expensive
  • If using you for free, your video will be stamped by KineMaster
  • Not supported on some devices
  • The ads appear so much that makes users feel uncomfortable
  • Works well on iOS devices, iPad but on Android will be limited to some devices.

Top rating of users

You can’t get an overview of an app by just reading the developer’s introduction. In addition to REDMOD’s introduction, you can check out user comments. Here are the featured reviews for KineMaster. Those are the most prominent reviews, most liked on Google Play.

“This is a really cool app. I used it for videos posted on my YouTube channel. But what I don’t like is the ads that appear in this app.”

“Watch this- I’ve been using this app for two years with no problems, suddenly after I updated it a month ago it won’t let me export any videos I create, which cater to The purpose of the app is now useless to me, so I always have to wait if an ad is available now so I can export three videos that have been there for weeks. now.”

“The app is really great. I have signed up and used it for many years, but there’s always been a big problem for me. For a given time, when you pick classes, it no longer offers customization.” choose the media option. Now I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not, it just happened. Overall, the best really cool editing platform on Android is here. Thank you. “

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MOD APK (Premium) version of KineMaster

MOD feature

KineMaster allows you to download and use it for free. However, the free version only has the basic features for video editing. The developer offers a Premium package. This version has a monthly maintenance fee, the price is quite expensive. Specifically, if you sign up on a monthly basis, you pay $ 4.99 per month. Annual subscription costs $ 39.99 per year. If paying annually, the split price per month will be much cheaper than the monthly subscription.

However, we have a KineMaster Premium APK for you. With this version, you can easily install and experience its full premium features. Here are the premium features of KineMaster Premium:

  • The output video does not have a watermark
  • Unlock all professional features
  • Can access resources in the KineMaster Asset Store
  • Using the application is not disturbed by advertising


I have never edited a video, can I use it?

It will be easy if you like it. Of course, you have to spend a lot of time learning to master KineMaster.

Does KineMaster work well on tablets?

Yes of course. You should use a well-configured tablet for easiest editing. Even using a tablet will have a better experience than a phone.

I do not have any international payment accounts. How to use the Pro version?

This is the problem that many users have encountered. Good luck for you we have KineMaster Pro APK version.

Will the MOD features work forever?

Our Pro APK version lets you use the MOD features completely free, and forever.

Is this APK file dangerous for my phone?

KineMaster APK file created by REDMOD experts makes it extremely safe. It does not pose any threat or danger to the equipment you use.

Does my phone need Root to install this app?

Our MOD version works well on all devices, including Rooted phones.

Download KineMaster Premium APK for Android

With KineMaster, you can easily edit videos even if you are someone who has never done it before. All operations in the application are simple and easy to get used to. Compared with professional tools on computers, KineMaster cannot have high-end features. But only with this app you can become a professional Blogger or YouTuber. KineMaster Premium APK download link is ready, you just need to download and install to experience right away!

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