Craft of Survival – Immortal v5.4 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 29/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.4
MOD Info:God Mode
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:101XP LIMITED
Package:Google Play Link

The battle for survival is always harsh and full of tough challenges that you have to overcome. Craft of Survival – Immortal MOD APK is one of the best action games in the survival genre. As the lone survivor, will you be able to uncover the dark secrets of the Rift world?

Introducing Craft of Survival – Immortal

Craft of Survival – Immortal is a free fantasy action game for Android. You will have to show your survival ability inside a dark land. This realistic 3D action game will take you to many dramatic battles, classic settings in the world of Rift. A lot of different genres come together to create this multiplayer action game that you should not miss. Your journey officially begins!

Mysterious plot

The dark secret in the Rift world is almost undiscovered! It stood for centuries and was buried after the war. You – a born hero who was exiled to this spirit land. As the only survivor, only you have the ability to find the final answer. Your starting point is the Shattered Coast border at Dawn of New Era. The journey after that will have countless challenges waiting for you to pay first. Can you survive in the harshest land in the world and complete the quest of this century?

Exciting battles

Craft of Survival – Immortal is a multiplayer action game. It has core aimless combat rules. This is also an interesting challenge for gamers from a control perspective. Coming to the world of Rift, you will constantly have formidable and dangerous enemies. They are ready to eliminate you from this world, even whoever is exploiting the mystery here. Dozens of locations in the game, hundreds of different enemies with diverse fighting styles. Explore dungeons and you’ll have to meet especially dangerous enemies!

PvP arena is the most attractive feature in this game. It has nothing to do with the main plot, just a place for you to show off your fighting skills. Still the target of survival, you will participate in the melee between many players against each other. This game also has a 1v1 fighting mode, but it will not be as attractive. Unique strategy is also part of the final victory. Therefore, you will have a lot of different ways of fighting, your creativity is limitless.

Empire Building

Secure your survival by building a safe haven. Your life must come first, always. Remember, you are the lone survivor, not the only one in this land. There are many different clans in existence, choose the one you feel safest and cooperate with them. Alliances are crucial in combat, and so is in this game!

You will start building your empire with a small tent. Call for help from the clan and you can develop a new prosperity. Grow crops, build bases and craft weapons to grow your empire. Clan allies can support you in all things. A wise inventor, a mage, a powerful hero and many others, they will live by your rules and overwhelm other clans together.

Write your own fairy tale

Conquering the Shattered Coast border is like a never-ending adventure. It doesn’t even end if you can’t figure out the mystery here. Death, lurking danger and extreme circumstances will constantly test you. Since you are the only survivor, this is a journey for your future. Fight hard, build an empire and make your own rules. The last thing you remember is just your death, so right now you need to write your dawn story and one day you will become a legend to be remembered forever!

Great graphics

Craft of Survival – Immortal is a 3D action game with many extremely realistic images. From mysterious characters to unique constructions that remind you of ancient times. Discover many ferocious monsters, zombies, bandits without souls… so you can see the variety in the game’s character design. Dramatic, fast-paced action battles keep your eyes peeled. The sound is lively throughout the game, sometimes it will be quiet and gloomy while you explore the spirit land.

MOD APK version of Craft of Survival – Immortal

MOD features

  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode

Download Craft of Survival – Immortal MOD APK latest for Android

Craft of Survival – Immortal MOD APK is a free mobile roguelike 2 game worth playing today. It has an engaging storyline, dramatic action gameplay and quality graphics. You will be immersed in an exciting multiplayer action world. Furthermore, it combines both empire building and development simulators. Create your own rules and build a mighty clan of your own. Download the game and you can experience every aspect of this amazing action game right now!

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