Counter-Strike Source APK v1.03 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 14/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.03
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Valve Corporation
Package:Google Play Link

Counter-Strike Source is available to download and experience on mobile. Please refer to the introduction below, then download the game from the link at the end of the article of REDMOD.

Introducing Counter-Strike Source

Referring to the first-person shooter genre, surely no one is unaware of the name Counter-Strike, a product of Valve Corporation and  Turtle Rock Studios. It is considered one of the most successful shooter franchises ever. And Counter-Strike Source is a remake of the original CS game. Accordingly, the first Counter-Strike Source version was released in November 2004. At that time, the game was only released on the Windows platform. To this day, it is still loved by many players.

However, this game is not supported for mobile platforms. Many players are looking forward to an Android version so they can easily experience this legendary game. So far, there has been no official information from the developer about bringing the game to the mobile platform. But don’t worry, in this article we bring you a free version of Counter-Strike Source APK. This is the version adapted from the original on PC, for you to install on Android devices and experience the game.

Top notch action gameplay

Counter-Strike Source is a first-person shooter game. It offers an immersive experience with realistic physics, high dynamics. Accordingly, this mobile version still possesses all the attractive gameplay like the original on PC. You still get to participate in intense and extremely dramatic gun battles. This game is not for the lucky, show your top fighting skills with the most glorious victories.

The game still has two main game modes: offline play and online play. With the off mode, you can choose from many different individual game modes. It could be daily tasks, PvE mode, training mode. As for the online mode, you can participate in dramatic battles with other players around the world. Thereby, real-time PvP matches take place more attractive than ever.

In any game mode, the game also requires a high level of strategy. Therefore, you must have smart strategies, a good combination of teammates to win this game.

Various weapon systems

In addition to the gameplay, the weapon system of this version is also kept the same. The game offers an extremely diverse weapon system for you to choose and use. Weapons will have different effects in each situation of the match. For example, short knives are used for melee attacks when there is no gun. Pistol to destroy nearby opponents, quickly. Rifles to take down enemies from a distance. And grenades to crush the enemy’s army while they are hiding… In general, each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it also depends on your play style and strategy.

Realistic graphics

As in the original, Counter-Strike Source features high-quality graphics, which are upgraded compared to the original CS version. Coming to the Counter-Strike Source APK version, it still inherits that high-quality 3D graphics background. Even more improved, better quality upgrade to fit mobile devices. Thereby, you can still experience the game with an extremely realistic and vivid feeling, thanks to today’s top quality 3D graphics. If you play the game with a well-configured mobile device, you will have a great experience just like the original on PC.

APK version of Counter-Strike Source

As introduced, Counter-Strike Source is not officially released for mobile. Therefore, Counter-Strike Source APK is an unofficial version, adapted from the original on Windows. Therefore, the size of the game is quite large and may not work on some devices. And importantly, you must carefully read the installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the APK and ZIP files at the link below this article
  • Grant permission to install apps from unknown sources
  • Extract the ZIP file (cache) of the game to a convenient folder on your device
  • Next, you install the file Source Engine
  • Continue to install the game Counter-Strike Source APK
  • When the game installation is complete, open the Counter-Strike Source game, click the Run and grant all permissions
  • If the error window appears, click  Select, specify the path to the unzipped cache in the 3rd step, then click Specify this path and Run.

Device requirements

  • Operating system: Android (depending on device)
  • Minimum free memory: 3GB
  • RAM: >4GB

We recommend using a phone with high configuration for gaming. That ensures the game works properly and plays as smoothly as possible.

Download Counter-Strike Source APK latest version for Android

And we don’t need to evaluate too much to confirm the quality of the game Counter-Strike Source. It is already a legendary name, loved all over the world. And now, you can experience it on mobile devices. Counter-Strike Source APK download link is ready below for you!

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