Uncharted Island: Survival RPG v1.104 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 01/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.104
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Lynnyk Oles
Package:Google Play Link

Uncharted Island: Survival RPG MOD APK is an action-adventure game, letting you experience a deserted island survival with many dangers and challenges. Can you survive and thrive in that place?

About Uncharted Island: Survival RPG

Uncharted Island: Survival RPG is released by Lynnyk Oles, a new game company that has just appeared, not yet famous. But this product of theirs is being interested by many players, even though it was just released not long ago. Accordingly, the game is developed with a survival-style action gameplay, on the background of quite realistic 3D graphics. You will experience a meaningful and challenging survival.

Story of the game

Coming to the game, you are role-playing an anonymous character. Since the game will play in the first person perspective, you only see the hands of the character you control. You are lost on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. For some reason, none of the ships could come near this island. So you have to start a new life here. This is a survival journey with many interesting things, as well as many challenges and dangers for you. This is a magical island, with the existence of magic so there are many things for you to explore.

Survival journey on the island

Right at the beginning of the game, you have set foot on the mysterious island to make a journey to survive in this place. This is a true survival, when you have to do everything to be able to survive and maintain. Here are the main activities in this game.


As a deserted island, you don’t have any useful tools and items available. Therefore, you have to create important things yourself to help your life. Especially the weapon system, they are extremely important in this survival. Let’s create rudimentary objects, sharp weapons to use them for living and survival purposes.


The island where you come to is hiding a lot of stories and mysteries. As the only survivor here, your mission is to explore the whole place here, and find out the secrets in this place. Move around the island, looking for clues and strange things. Gradually, you will discover strange stories here, secrets that no one knows about this island.

Fight with the enemy

True survival is indispensable for battles. If there is only mining, exploration and construction, survival games are not really attractive. There must be battles and hiding for the game to be truly meaningful. On this island, you have to face a lot of enemies. For example goblins, monsters, animals and even zombies…

Pay attention to the character’s stats. Including health, strength and food indicators. In battle, if you can’t defeat the enemy, let them attack then you should run away. After you have energy and healing, find the best weapons to defeat them.


For long-term survival on the island, you cannot wander everywhere. Because monsters and beasts can appear anywhere. At that time, you need to have a residence, avoid the attack of the enemy. Your task is to build a place to live, a solid base. This is a place to hide from monsters and beasts, as well as a place for you to store resources. You must collect resources to build and upgrade your shelter.

Realistic graphics

Uncharted Island: Survival RPG is developed with high quality 3D graphics. The developer wants players to get the most authentic experience. The visual design is also very detailed and impressive. A large island with beautiful landscapes appears, like famous tourist areas. In addition to the combat and construction missions, you can adventure on this island as a travel, play in the sea and island.

MOD APK version of Uncharted Island: Survival RPG

MOD features

  • Free Shopping: Free purchases with real money
  • Note: for the MOD feature to work, you need Internet and authorization in Google services. If the MOD feature doesn’t work, stop the game completely, clear the Play Store data (you won’t have to sign in again). And then you just need to restart the game and continue experiencing it.

Download Uncharted Island: Survival RPG MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, the gameplay of Uncharted Island: Survival RPG is not new, but also not boring. You can download the game now to experience it!

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