Sinful Puzzle v1.0.5 Mod APK (Unlimited Energy)

Last updated: 18/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Energy
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

You know what it’s like to be on top and be the lord of hell? If not, immediately download the Sinful Puzzle game to your phone. Your courage and calm will be shown through the challenging circles of hell. With the familiar match-3 gameplay, we think it will not be difficult for you to complete this game. Our MOD APK version will give you many advantages, please consider using it.

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Introduce game Sinful Puzzle

Sinful Puzzle is a very unique puzzle game. Its highlight is the extremely special context. For the first time you can discover what is in the circle of hell. You can explore stories, solve challenging match 3 puzzles. The graphics of the game are also extremely easy to see, eye-catching, there are not many scary images in hell as people imagine. Feature-rich gameplay, many locations to explore, start now with us!

Unique background

Do you dare to enter? This dark hellish place full of scary things is the place you are about to explore. It will create a lot of uniqueness for your adventure journey. This hellish place is also incredibly colorful and whimsical. Moreover, it also has many floors for you to experience. Each level of hell will include a chapter and various quests. Therefore, it may take you a long time to conquer all the locations in this game. The end of the game is also when you find the door to leave hell.

The familiar match-3 gameplay

I can be sure that you have tried many match-3 games. Although it has many different variations, the gameplay always has something in common. In this Sinful Puzzle game. You will solve the puzzle by matching elemental gems of the same type. This game consists of 5 elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. When you connect pellets of the same type, they will explode and destroy the surrounding items. Quest items that the game requires will be completed this way. The longer the chain is connected, the explosion will spread and special elemental pellets will appear to help you destroy a large number on the table.

However, the puzzles always have a unique challenge for you. It can be time limits, turns or obstacles. Players may have to play multiple times to pass a certain level. The difficulty will increase as you progress to the final stages. There are many support items in the store. They will be of great help to you when encountering difficult puzzles.

Explore characters and stories

The unlucky souls in hell all have a story of their own. When you complete a puzzle, the story is gradually revealed. They will tell you and ask you for a task. Sinful Puzzle has hundreds of unique and interesting stories that will surely make you feel excited. Don’t forget, completing missions will bring you many valuable rewards. Especially coins, which help you buy items in the store.

You can also collect these souls on your team. They are quite intelligent, funny and also beautiful and charming… What will you do with them? Hahaha! Only you know! Do whatever you want, even for dark purposes.


Sinful Puzzle is created by vivid colorful 3D graphics. The game interface is easy to see, accessible and extremely eye-catching. The characters in it are extremely beautiful and cute, reducing the scary shapes. This is a puzzle game, so it won’t have a lot of fancy action. But you will still be attracted by the explosive effect in the puzzles. Vivid game sounds and catchy background music will be played throughout the game.

MOD APK version of Sinful Puzzle

MOD features

  • High Number of Photos: you will be provided with more private photos of beautiful souls
  • Unlimited Energy: you can comfortably solve puzzles without worrying about depleted energy

Download Sinful Puzzle MOD APK for Android

You can have extreme entertainment with this match-3 Sinful Puzzle game. Addictive simple gameplay, taking you hours to conquer. Beautiful graphics with beautiful, charming character designs. Sinful Puzzle also helps you show your top thinking in conquering difficult puzzles. An extremely great game, there is no reason for you to refuse. Download the game now, join and enjoy!

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