Fiona’s Farm v0.26.5 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 05/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.26.5
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Ace Games Inc.
Package:Google Play Link

Fiona’s Farm MOD APK is an attractive farm-themed puzzle game, allowing you to build and develop a fun farm yourself. This game will certainly suit a lot of players, including adults or children.

Introduce about Fiona’s Farm

Ace Games Inc. is the publisher of this game. They are a mobile game development company, established in 2020. But so far they have launched a single product, which is Fiona’s Farm, the game introduced in this article. Although it was the first product launched, this game attracted a lot of players to participate. That’s thanks to the game’s attractive farm development and puzzle gameplay. Definitely won’t let you down!

Story of the game Fiona’s Farm

The story in the game is about the nine character Fiona. She has a hard and difficult life in the city. And she has had a lot of bad luck, both in love and career. But her life began to change when she returned to her hometown to live.

When the great storm passed, Fiona’s farm was severely damaged. This was a hurricane that Fiona’s grandmother had never experienced. And of course, that farm could not function properly, causing her to lose her main daily job. That’s why Fiona came to this small town to help her rebuild the farm. On this trip, she once again finds new friends, a new job, and a new love!

Renew and develop the farm

Usually, you often know puzzle games combined with house design. For example, Lily’s Garden, Tuscany Villa or Home Design: House Decor Makeover. But coming to Fiona’s Farm, you experience a combination of puzzle and farm development. This is a completely new, extremely interesting combination.

In the game, your task is to rebuild and develop Fiona’s farm. Let’s make her ruined farm become neater and more beautiful. You have a lot of different ways to create a fun farm. Here are the basic steps for you to implement farm development.


From a ruin, you have to do everything to make the farm work properly. From cleaning, rearranging furniture, buying new things, … it’s all up to you to decide. Let’s build a solid farm, so that no storm can destroy it.

Farming and Ranching

After the farm has been completed, you can let it operate as usual. Buy plant varieties to create food and fruit. And indispensable are livestock such as chickens, dogs, cows, … They can both produce milk, eggs, and can create meat. You can take care of yourself, and harvest all kinds of agricultural products on your farm.

Decorate your style

In addition to developing crops and livestock, you can also decorate the farm to your liking. Since this farm was given to her by Fiona’s grandmother, you can edit it as you like, as long as it works properly. The game has a lot of utensils, plants, flowers for you to decorate your farm.

Solve puzzles

To be able to clean up and design things on the farm, you have to overcome other challenges. That is completing the puzzles of the game. Every time you choose to change or design something, you have to complete a puzzle that the system gives you.

Those are familiar match 3 puzzles. You just need to choose to match the square blocks of the same color together (minimum 3 cells) to break them. Until you break enough squares according to the specified colors, you are done. Each level will have its own requirements for you to conquer. However, the puzzle levels in the game are not too difficult.

Meet new friends

Your farm and Fiona are located in a small rural town. Around the farm are other friendly households. You have the opportunity to meet and make friends with new neighbors. They are ready to help you whenever you need it. On the contrary, you can invite them to play and tour your farm after you’ve finished it! Those friends will make your life more joyful, and more meaningful.

MOD APK version of Fiona’s Farm

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping: Free purchases with real money
  • Note: you need Internet and authorization in Google services. Also, if you can’t shop for free, stop the game altogether. You then clear the Play Store data (you won’t have to sign in again). In the end, you just need to restart the game normally.

Download Fiona’s Farm MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Fiona’s Farm offers an extremely entertaining puzzle game. The game does not require too much on player thinking or strategy. But the puzzle screen is just a condition for you to improve and develop your farm. Are you ready to download Fiona’s Farm MOD APK to experience it?

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