Penny & Flo: Finding Home v1.144.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 20/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.144.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Tactile Games
Package:Google Play Link

Turn a ruined mansion into a more luxurious place as you experience Penny & Flo: Finding Home. Renovate your mansion with funny but also challenging puzzles. Not only that, but you also discover many interesting stories of the main character. Experience this relaxing and entertaining game now with us!

Introducing game Penny & Flo: Finding Home

Mansion renovation

You will start the game with an old and rundown mansion. What you need to do is solve puzzles to find items. For each puzzle solved, you will receive the corresponding item. These can be furniture, decorations or cleaning tools. With dozens of options to adjust, you can turn this place into an epic, epic mansion.

Discover stories through puzzles

Not only to find items, solve puzzles that will help you discover the exciting stories of Penny & Flo. The plot is extremely attractive that players cannot stop exploring. Relax and experience interesting stories and conversations. Many times you will suddenly laugh because of their extremely humorous lines. You can also explore the many mysterious areas inside the mansion to find many key points in their story.

Decoration, interior design

After finding the necessary tools and items, now is the time to renovate this place. You can place furniture wherever you think is appropriate. Interact, move every object you see on the screen. You can clean faster with more modern upgraded tools. Everything is done and finally decorate your mansion more splendid and luxurious.

Graphics, sound

The game is designed with simple 2D graphics but still very eye-catching. The main setting is the rooms inside the mansion. The widgets are also properly designed in real life so that you can easily understand their use. You will find it more relaxing with soothing background music and you can customize on / off if desired.

MOD APK version of Penny & Flo: Finding Home

MOD feature

You can experience the game more easily with this MOD version of us. If you find the renovation of the villa for too long, do not hesitate to use this version.

Unlimited Money (stars, coins and more)

After starting the game, you don’t have much money in the beginning. You proceed to play the game as usual and get the first amount, when you start spending, the money you have will increase, not decrease. Just like that, you will have more and more money. And so is the number of stars.

Download Penny & Flo: Finding Home MOD APK for Android

Penny & Flo: Finding Home will bring you moments of relaxation and fun. Humorous stories and quizzes will whet your curiosity. You will be caught up in the course of the game and then you will see the appeal of this game. Do not hesitate to experience this great game with us right away. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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