Love Academy v1.0.3 Mod APK (Unlimited Energy)

Last updated: 08/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.3
MOD Info:Unlimited Energy
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Welcome to the sexiest academy you will ever know. The place is full of hot, beautiful female students, and you are only men. Approach, chat and date, they will make you happy.

Introduce about game Love Academy

Love Academy is a match-3 puzzle game. There is a similar version on GooglePlay. The difference of the version that we are introducing here is that it has a combination of adult elements. This increases the appeal of the in-game dating feature. Familiar gameplay and combining many interesting elements, Love Academy will surely give you a great experience.


Like a dream, you will enter the most prestigious university in the world. You imagine huge piles of textbooks, library nights, and when you remember the responsibility on your shoulders. However, everything is not what you think! This is not an ordinary academy where you learn culture, fitness or whatever. This academy is completely charming and beautiful female students. You can catch stories and get to know anyone, from classmates to instructors. They are both easygoing and sociable people. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience in your upcoming school years.


The main gameplay of Love Academy is still the puzzle with the match-3 genre. You will match 3-5 identical items to detonate them. Your quest will end if you reach the specified number of points or destroy the required item. However, there are always challenges that are posed in levels to make it difficult for players to play. Examples are limited time or number of moves. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate your steps to be able to complete the challenge. A good tip for you is to prioritize chains of 4-5 to create destructive boosters. They will make it easier for you to achieve long combos and destroy the target.

To be able to admire private photos and do adult stories with the characters, you need to overcome difficult puzzles. This creates a huge attraction in the gameplay of Love Academy. Players will have to think hard and overcome difficulties to get a worthy reward.

Interact with character

You can come and meet a lot of girls or teachers in the academy. After a while of chatting, you will have to play games with them. If you win, you can date and have adult sex with them. You can also view their private photos by touching the character you want. Each character will have a few hot pictures, you can comfortably admire.

Mission and challenge

There will be a lot of quests for you to complete them. Your reward is a lot of money and items. You can use the money to buy accessories and give it to the girls you like. They will put on your body and become more beautiful in your eyes.

The challenges will get more and more difficult depending on the level you have achieved. Along with completing the levels, new characters will be unlocked. Therefore, if you want to interact with many new characters, you need to overcome many challenging levels.

MOD APK version of Love Academy

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Energy
  • High Photo Count

Note: If an error appears on the screen, please press the “X” and continue playing.

Download Love Academy MOD APK for Android

Love Academy is an incredibly fun match-3 puzzle game. Combined with beautiful and charming character designs, creating a lot of inspiration for players. What makes us very happy about Love Academy is that this game is not just a simple puzzle. It also incorporates many other attractive features such as interacting with characters, giving gifts or admiring private images. This helps the player to no longer get bored and confined in puzzles. Both express your mindset and incorporate entertainment elements, but don’t hesitate to start experiencing with us!

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