Travel Town v2.12.510 Mod APK (Energy, Slimey, Crysal)

Last updated: 07/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.12.510
MOD Info:Energy, Slimey, Crysal
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Magmatic Games LTD
Package:Google Play Link

Do you have a tourism business on a beautiful coastal land? Come to the game Travel Town, you will become the boss of Travel Town, a place famous for tourism and services. But that place has just been ravaged by a storm, needs your renovation and development.

Introducing Travel Town

Magmatic Games LTD is the developer and publisher of this game. It gives you an extremely enjoyable experience with its puzzle-building gameplay. This gameplay is unprecedented in any other game. Here, you can learn a little about the game before you download it and play.

The Story of Travel Town

Travel Town is inherently a tourist paradise, known by many people. But unfortunately, this place was badly damaged by a big storm. From beautiful houses, rows of green trees, has become a ruined town, ruined. But Travel Town is inherently a place with beautiful scenery and high economic value for tourism, so it needs to be rebuilt and developed.

Participating in the game, you are assigned a very important task that is to redevelop this town. Let’s help it get back to the way it was before to attract tourists back. Even, you need to make Travel Town more prosperous than before, stronger than before. From the first small sums, you gradually rebuild the town. Once restored, you can become a travel business tycoon with Travel Town.

Rebuild your town

All the people in the town want their place back to be as beautiful as before. Therefore, all people in Travel Town have a task in the construction of a new town. Give each citizen a task to complete. Every time they complete a mission, you will collect a new item. From those items, you can merge to get new better products.

Let’s rebuild the buildings in town. It is both a residence for the people and a resort for tourists coming here. There are dozens of different buildings for you to build. After building, you also have to upgrade them, to be more and more modern and beautiful. Where you are discovered, up to 55 villagers are living. Let them be back to the good days, when the big storm has not yet come!

How to play the game

In Travel Town, you don’t use money directly to rebuild your town. You need to complete the puzzle levels. Through it, you will collect new items, new buildings to develop for the town. Puzzle gameplay in the game is quite simple, just merge similar items. From low-level items, when you merge, it will create a more modern, high-end product. Keep doing this until you merge all of them and collect the best objects.

To merge objects, simply push them together with your fingers. Each level will require a certain number of objects for you to complete. For example, your task is to collect 10 swimming goggles and 10 seashells, then you need to find things that can be merged to collect enough. Each level has suggestions on which objects to merge to collect the right product. Every time you successfully collect and complete the level, you will receive a certain amount of bonus.

Hundreds of levels for you to complete

Currently, Travel Town gives you hundreds of different levels for you to complete. Each level will have different challenges and difficulty. Usually the difficulty of the game will increase to require your puzzle skills. If you fail, you have to start over from the beginning of that level, until you complete it, then you can move on to the next level. In the upcoming updates, the game will add more exciting levels for you to conquer.

Summary of main features

  • Renovating Travel Town after a terrible storm;
  • Start building the town from the smallest constructions;
  • Assign tasks to people to complete;
  • Collect new items;
  • Explore and upgrade dozens of different buildings;
  • Discover more than 500 amazing objects through hundreds of levels;
  • Simple puzzle gameplay, just drag and drop to merge similar objects;
  • Discover 55 villagers living in Travel Town;
  • Eye-catching images with bright, outstanding colors;
  • Regularly adding new items, new levels of play;
  • And many more interesting features…

MOD APK version of Travel Town

MOD features

  • Energy
  • Slimey
  • Crysal

Download Travel Town MOD APK latest for Android

Travel Town is really a fun puzzle game! The gameplay of the game brings novelty and uniqueness. In addition, the image in the game is also designed quite eye-catching thanks to the bright color tones. Unfortunately, it only has 2D graphics, if it is a true 3D graphics background, the game will be much better.

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