Cut the Rope: BLAST v6135 Mod APK (Infinite Lives)

Last updated: 08/04/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:6135
MOD Info:Infinite Lives
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Cut the Rope: BLAST is a variation of the popular Cut the Rope game. This time you will work with Om-nom to solve logic puzzles to earn him delicious food. With the same gameplay as Match -3, Cut the Rope: BLAST will give you many interesting experiences. With that we will send you the MOD APK version of this game. You will get unlimited plays a day.

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Introduce game Cut the Rope: BLAST

SKYWALK has released many versions of Cut the Rope in the past. And Cut the Rope: BLAST is a fairly successful version of the familiar Match-3 gameplay. You will take Om-nom through a challenging journey with a variety of puzzles. Cut the Rope: BLAST will definitely bring you exciting entertainment moments and positive and comfortable emotions.

The gameplay is familiar

It can be said that match – 3 is the game genre that is easy to play and suitable for all ages. Therefore, you will come across many variations of this genre. Cut the Rope: BLAST, too, is a variation of the match-3 series. However, it’s not like the usual “move” game to create objects of the same color, where you have to destroy the playing field by “joining” objects of the same color according to the horizontal-vertical rule.

Each playground will have tasks that require players to complete. For example, you need to destroy 10 green and 20 red marbles. The quests will be completely refreshed after each level. Daily updated content is guaranteed to bring you endless joy.

Connecting as many pieces of the same color in a turn, you will create items with great destruction. As follows

  • 4-6 pieces of the same color: you will create rockets capable of destroying the playing field horizontally or vertically
  • 7-8 pieces of the same color: you will get back a bomb that destroys a large area
  • 9 candies of the same color: you will create a candy, it can make all candies of the color you choose to disappear.

Diverse playground

Every level has playgrounds of different shapes. It can be square, ladder, triangle … and many other unbalanced shapes that add little difficulty for the player. Besides, there are objects that interfere with your speed and your ability to win. Each level of play will limit the turn, you should be careful in each turn.

Champions League mode

Champions League mode: This is an online mode, allowing you to play against many other players. Ranking will be based on each individual’s performance. After each review, you will receive many gifts if you achieve high rankings. Therefore, players will be inspired to pass the levels, practice more. If you let your guard down, your rankings will likely drop quickly.

Play offline

No network connection required, you can still play Cut the Rope: BLAST. However, you will not receive any winning rewards. That achievement will still count towards your achievement. In particular, if you play offline, you will not be able to participate in the Champions League mode. Therefore, playing offline is for entertainment purposes only.


Versions of Cut the Rope feature bright and fun graphics. Especially the cute Om-nom character design, the character will accompany you along the way. The eye-catching visual effects when you destroy the ring make the player feel satisfied. Happy background music is indispensable for players not to feel bored when experiencing.

MOD APK version of Cut the Rope: BLAST

MOD feature

  • Infinite Lives: You will not be limited to plays like the original version.

Download Cut the Rope: BLAST MOD APK for Android

Entertainment is so comfortable when you join the game Cut the Rope: BLAST. Experimental match-3 gameplay and bright graphics create a puzzle game that is both engaging and comfortable. Not as stressful as fighting games, without wasting time like role-playing games, Cut the Rope: BLAST gives you a light but equally engaging experience. Join the game and help Om-nom eat well!

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