DEEMO Reborn APK v1.1.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 15/01/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.2
MOD Info:APK Original
Size:2 GB
Publisher:Rayark International
Package:Google Play Link

DEEMO Reborn APK – The classic PC game is now officially available for Android. Enter the world of fairy tale and discover countless mysteries and fascinating stories. Start your adventure now!

Introduce about DEEMO Reborn

You will have a memorable journey when you join the world of DEEMO Reborn. Here you will have to overcome hundreds of challenges, big and small, discover all the mysteries and bring the girl back to reality. Attractive content with many chapters, you will be fascinated and unable to take your eyes off even for a second.


A girl falls from the sky and forgets her past. Here, the girl meets Deemo – a lute player in the world of tree houses. This meeting is the beginning of the journey to find memories of the girl. You will play the role of that girl, discover all the mysteries, classical piano music, decode hundreds of puzzles to find the ultimate light. “Never leave without saying goodbye”.


The setting in DEEMO Reborn is really large with many mysterious areas. You will control the girl to move around with the help of Deemo to complete all the missions and challenges. You need to complete each chapter of the story, unravel all mysteries and puzzles in the castle. Each challenge is completed, you will get the next direction.

Find and discover every music falling from the sky. DEEMO Reborn has over 60 classical piano songs. Your job is to play the complete and correct music. This is an important challenge that you need to overcome to unlock new locations. Besides, there are conundrums that you need to make the most of your thinking to decode it. Happy ending or deadlock, you are the decision maker.

Why is DEEMO Reborn so attractive to players?

DEEMO Reborn has a rather thrilling and engaging storyline. Each chapter has hidden mysteries that make the player curious. In addition, the melodious, calming piano songs make the player sink into each musical key. Or the difficult challenges that excite players in DEEMO Reborn. Really, this is a great game and extremely attractive that you should not ignore.


Adapted from the PC version, DEEMO Reborn still retains beautiful and vivid 3D graphics. The sparkling background in the night creates the perfect scenery of the fairy-tale world. The effects on the piano keys will make you enjoy. In addition, the characters and all images in the game are so realistic that you feel like you are lost in this fairytale world.

Download DEEMO Reborn APK for Android

Free download

DEEMO Reborn is now available on the Google Play store and sold for $2.29 USD. However, in this article, you will own this game completely free. You need to download both the APK and the zip below and install it on your device to be able to experience.


With the success in the PC version, many people will expect a mobile version to be released. Now, that has become a reality when Rayark officially released a version for Android. The graphics are not inferior, the storyline and gameplay are unchanged. So what are you waiting for without experiencing this great game with us right away

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