Loverz: Interactive chat game v4.2.3 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gifts)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.2.3
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Gifts
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Fannin holdings limited
Package:Google Play Link

Are you single and want to find yourself a virtual relationship? Want to get new love in RPG? Join Loverz: Interactive chat game, a great virtual dating game for you.

Introducing Loverz: Interactive chat game

Loverz: Interactive chat game is an extremely attractive role-playing game. The game allows you to choose a character and interact with other characters of the opposite sex. From there, you will form new relationships. Be it just friends, or dating as a romantic couple. You can play your own way, do whatever you want!

Step into romantic love stories

Loverz: Interactive chat game offers lots of love stories for you to choose and explore freely. There are different chapters for you to explore in turn. In each chapter, you are impersonated a different character to start the journey to find the love piece of life. But whether the relationships in the game become sweet and romantic or not, completely depends on how you play.

Make friends, make friends of the opposite sex

At the beginning of the game, you can choose the main character to role-play and start the journey to make friends and get to know each other. You can choose male or female characters, depending on your preferences. Next is the task of finding the right friends. Loverz: Interactive chat game has a familiar friend-making interface, like dating apps. It’s a swipe-to-search interface. You can swipe left or right to find an appropriate object.

On each card, you’ll see an avatar and some basic information to learn about that character. If you are impressed with someone, you can make friends and chat with them. Of course, this is only the first step in this dating game. After making friends, chat with them to learn about their personality and appearance.

Chat, flirt with your partner

Once you have found a character you like, you can set goals to conquer. For example, flirting to be able to date a girl, a handsome guy. To conquer the object, you need to know how to talk skillfully and subtly, just like how you flirt with someone in real life. In the beginning, you have to talk to the other person like a normal friend. Once you get close to them, you can move on to the next step of flirting. And last but not least, dating them.

And of course, during the chat, if you feel that the personality is not suitable, you can end the conversation and find a new friend. You go back to finding objects by swiping the screen to find someone you find beautiful, or handsome. To conquer the enemy, you must use sweet and seductive words, the opponent will quickly be “knock off” by you. The ultimate goal is always to date them in romantic places.

Romantic dating

As a dating game, of course, the most desirable thing is romantic dates. After a while of learning and conquering the enemy, you can start dating them. It will be meetings at a luxurious restaurant, cozy cafe, or lively disco. Depending on the personality of each character, you will be dating in many different locations.

Stunning visual design

Although only developed with 2D graphics, the image in the game is still extremely eye-catching. That impression comes from shaping the main characters of the game. The boys and girls have extremely attractive and sharp looks, making any player bewitched. Image of character displayed as simulation, no movement. Their expressions changed according to their moods while chatting.

MOD APK version of Loverz: Interactive chat game

MOD features

  • Money and gifts will increase when spent.
  • You can get free gifts without watching ads.

Download Loverz: Interactive chat game MOD APK latest for Android

Loverz: Interactive chat game is really a great game for those who are single. It brings them happiness and romance. Although it was only in the game, it somewhat eased the loneliness for them. How do you like it? Download now Loverz: Interactive chat game MOD APK to experience this game!

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