Class of the Living Dead v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Publisher:Genius Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Genius Studio has just released a new product called Class of the Living Dead. Accordingly, this game is still developed in a familiar role-playing simulation.

Introducing Class of the Living Dead

Until now, Genius Studio have focused on only one game genre. And any new version has received the love of a large number of players. Class of the Living Dead has just been released a few days ago and is quickly attracting players.

The story

You are a young man in high school, at a pretty boring school. Your life revolves around 3 main characters, 3 girls. In it, there is a girl who has been your best friend since childhood. But you want more than just being a friend with that girl. Exactly you have feelings for her.

Are interested in conquering that friend, you are faced with a crazy event. That is the end of the world is very near. For some reason, zombies have appeared in the human world. And you and your friends entered the war of survival. However, this is not a combat RPG. Your task in this game is simply to choose the right decisions and answers. Thereby, you will discover the entire story of the game.

Character system


Yua is a beautiful girl and is always taken care of by everyone. More precisely, she is the center of everyone, someone everyone wants to get to know. You have known her since childhood, you two consider each other as friends. When you were younger, you used to protect her from people who bullied her. But now, she’s threatened by zombies, are you still protecting her?


She is the student council president, also very popular. But Ranko’s popularity differs from that of Yua. Ranko has a cold personality like ice, not friendly. But she is the definition of perfection. From study, to sports, to mind, she stands out more than any other girl. More and more impressive, it is her extremely beautiful and seductive appearance. On the day of the end of the world, zombies overflowed, and her friends and her friends faced danger. Then, you discover an aspect that no one has ever seen in Ranko.


Mel is a strong girl, not liked by many people. Her personality seems to be hot-tempered and belligerent, willing to use her fists to handle things. But in the zombie war in the apocalypse, her courage and enthusiasm can be felt.

MOD APK version of Class of the Living Dead

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices: As mentioned, your only task in this game is to choose the right answers and decide. In the answers and choices, there will be advanced options. You must upgrade your account to be able to select those responses. However, our Class of the Living Dead MOD version unlocks this feature. You can choose those decisions, answers that are completely free.

Download Class of the Living Dead MOD APK for Android

Class of the Living Dead continues to be another simulation role-playing game by Genius Studio. It provides a gentle, entertaining gameplay for you. You will experience extremely interesting stories with the familiarity of your everyday life.

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