Rage of Destiny v2.0.4 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 15/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.4
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Immerse yourself in the game Rage of Destiny and you will join the battle for peace for millions of people. Darkness is engulfing this place, you and the gods will carry out your mission. With beautiful 3D graphics and an ancient Western setting, it will definitely make you hooked. Download our Rage of Destiny MOD APK version, you can experience the game more easily.

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Introduce game Rage of Destiny

Rage of Destiny is an extremely popular role-playing game in the world in 2021. The first reason is because of the extremely eye-catching 3D graphics and the quality of this game. Besides, it is an attractive role-playing game with a long storyline, bringing many experiences to players. So what specifically does this game have to attract so many players in the world? Come explore with us!

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Fight with the Big Boss


The stars in the sky were gradually disappearing, as if something was covering them. Darkness gradually spread across this peaceful land, a fateful disaster is unfolding. The line between life and death has never been so close, millions of people are banished into the abyss of suffering. Where is justice? What the hell is going on?

It was a predestined fate millions of years ago. Every ten thousand years, the world will fall into chaos. The sky will turn upside down, the stars will gradually disappear, the world will perish and turn to dust. Once there, the gods summoned their children and tried to fight this disaster. The gods will not give up on humanity, they will fight. As the chosen one, you will lead them against a doomsday fate that persists for millions of years. Stand up and fight to the last breath!

Rage of Destiny main gameplay

Team building

You can summon countless heroes on your journey. They are children of god with supernatural powers, supporting you in battle. A complete squad will have up to 5 different characters. You can optionally choose the most powerful characters you have to arrange. The advice here is that you should choose characters with different attributes to have the most perfect combination. On the field, you can arbitrarily arrange the position and attack order of each character.

Battle strategy

Owning a strong squad is not enough to decide victory! Indeed, tactics in each battle are also extremely important. That is the characteristic of the turn-based role-playing game. Your every move in the match can determine the final ending. Which hero should go first? How to use skill order properly? You will have to decide for yourself and change depending on your opponent. Don’t worry, you will be given specific instructions in the first matches!

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Attractive and beautiful combat

Quest System

Rage of Destiny has a fairly long and logical storyline, so the quest system is also very diverse. The main quest will bring you close to the end, and especially it gives you a large amount of Exp, money and equipment. However, the main task is always very difficult, you can take a long time for a certain task. Especially the Boss battle missions, they are much stronger and smarter. Therefore, you need to upgrade your maximum strength before entering the battle with the Boss.

Besides, the side quest branches also have a lot of benefits. You should not ignore them because they also bring a lot of money, Exp and equipment. Although not as many as the main quest, they are quite necessary when you are stuck in fighting the Boss.

Idle feature

AFK but still get Exp and gold? Indeed, Rage of Destiny’s idle feature lets you do just that. Just set up the squad, the automatic mode will help you fight yourself while you are offline. This way, you will receive a large amount of resources every time you are busy with something that cannot be online. The large amount of gold received will help you upgrade your strength to fight the big Boss.


You will be surprised with the diverse list of characters in this game. The characters are divided into 7 different classes and races. Naturally, each character will have unique skills and unique fighting styles. The strength of the character will be based on the number of stars they own. If you own a 4-star character, they will make it easy for you to win every victory. You can also upgrade the number of stars by collecting puzzle pieces.

Your character’s level will depend on your main level. For example, if you are at level 100, the maximum character level will only stop at 100. In other words, the character level cannot exceed the main level. Therefore, leveling up is also very important for you to increase the strength of your team. Characters can only receive Exp if they participate in battles.

Rage of Destiny MOD APK 888x592
Various characters

Graphics, sound

Beautiful 3D graphics is the highlight that makes this game popular in the world. Characters are designed in a variety of ways, with a very unique ancient Western style. Besides the context design, monsters, Boss is also extremely eye-catching. The battle interface is simple, easy to access for you to easily manipulate the first time you get acquainted. Combat effects, extremely eye-catching skills help you experience fiery, passionate battles.

In terms of sound, the characters are voiced by professional actors. Exciting battle sounds create engaging battle moments. Vibrant background music inspires you throughout the game. Combined with beautiful 3D graphics, creating a perfect and engaging role-playing game.

MOD APK version of Rage of Destiny

MOD feature

  • Menu MOD : In the MOD Menu you can turn on different hacking modes such as: MOD damage factor, defense factor

Download Rage of Destiny MOD APK for Android

Rage of Destiny is a role-playing game that you should not miss. We were extremely impressed with this game from the first experience because of its beautiful 3D graphics and extremely attractive gameplay. This game is quite heavy, so you need to download the obb file. About how to install OBB file you can see here. For now, click on the link below to download the APK + obb file to get ready to experience this game with us!

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