Idle Hiking Manager v0.7.3 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 18/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.7.3
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:ColdFire Games GmbH
Package:Google Play Link

Do you want to be the boss of a natural calendar? Join now Idle Hiking Manager, you will be able to manage and develop a resort, camping with great economic potential.

Introducing Idle Hiking Manager

Idle Hiking Manager is an idle simulation game. It was released a few days ago by ColdFire Games GmbH. Accordingly, the game offers an interesting gameplay, with a simple but extremely addictive nature. Because the gameplay of the game is entertaining, there is no competition and no pressure for players.

Build and control the roads

Just like other idle simulation games, you have a certain business model to get rich. In the game Idle Hiking Manager, you can develop a camping resort with Hiking-style roads. You can understand those are long paths for walking, formed quite simply. Many commuters will create those paths. We often see them appearing in the mountains and forests. Those locations are very suitable for tourism, resort and camping activities. You must choose the right location to create those roads, so that customers can easily move between locations.

Grow your resort

In the game, Idle Hiking Manager you can create Hiking-style roads and build a tourist area for yourself. Initially, you only have a small hill, and serve the first few guests. When you get money from visitors, you can expand and upgrade your resort.

A tourist area must ensure that there are full facilities for customers. So, in addition to expanding the entertainment area, you also have to build important buildings. For example, grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, tent rental… All of these can be used to earn a lot of revenue for you.

Employee manager

In business, the selection and management of employees is extremely important. You cannot do everything by yourself. The bigger the business model, the more employees you need. Spend money on hard-working employees to work for you. They can work all day to bring maximum profit for your resort.

The selection and management of staff also requires the player’s calculation. Staff at each location in the resort have their own unique abilities and duties. And the amount you need to pay them also depends on their location and capacity. You can be assured of the quality of Idle Hiking Manager’s staff. They work hard everyday, they even do it even when you’re not playing games.

Business strategy

As a boss of a large resort, your business strategy is extremely important. You must have smart strategies to attract customers, increase sales as much as possible. To become rich, you should not stop when you make a lot of money. When you have money, continue to invest to grow stronger. From there, you can earn more and more money. And then you will feel happy, even though it’s just virtual currency. Here are some business strategies in the game for your reference:

  • Increase the number of employees and manage them;
  • Construction of suitable works;
  • Satisfy customer needs;
  • Searching and selecting investors;
  • Regularly upgrade the quality of the tourist area;
  • Expansion of train station to accommodate more passengers…

Idle style

The special feature of idle games compared to other games is that you can earn money even when you are not playing the game. When you stop playing games, customers still come to your resort and your employees are still active. Thanks to that, the resort does not stop working to continuously earn revenue for you. After just one sleep, you wake up to find yourself in possession of a huge fortune. Surely that will make you happy.

MOD APK version of Idle Hiking Manager

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Idle Hiking Manager MOD APK latest version for Android

Are you ready to take over your resort? Do you have the ability to develop it to earn huge amount of money? Download the game Idle Hiking Manager now to start your business mission. You can choose the original from Google Play, or our Idle Hiking Manager MOD APK version. They are all free!

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