Pocket Fantasy v1.1.2 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.2
MOD Info:God Mode
Package:Google Play Link

Pocket Fantasy MOD APK is a chief fake role-playing game, only for adults. It was released on the Nutaku platform long ago. It will be an entertaining adventure, bringing joy and happiness for both you and the characters in the game. Complete the quests, then you will enjoy the sweet moments with the girls. They are yours, they are ready to serve all your needs.

Introducing Pocket Fantasy

The story of the game

In the world most are women and they are very lonely. All girls yearn to have their own love and pleasure. But they cannot find happiness for themselves. But then you appeared, you are the only man who can bring orgasm and happiness to them. Through adventures, you will gradually win their hearts. They will let you enjoy wonderful hot scenes.

Immersive gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Pocket Fantasy was developed with a mix of Manga adventure and RPG with a blend of retro elements. You will have many characters to choose from, which are girls. Each girl will have four main skills to fight. Please rely on the advantages of each skill to choose them appropriately in the match. As with other role-playing games, each skill takes time to use the next time. Strong skills will take longer to recover.

You are given daily quests for single player mode. Complete the mission, you will receive a reward. From the bonus, you have to upgrade your characters, or equip new costumes. The game also has an extremely diverse costume system for you to choose for your character.

Graphics 3D

As we introduced in previous articles, most of the titles on Nutaku are 2D games. But Pocket Fantasy is an RPG game with 2D graphics combined with 3D quite impressive. This game is more invested in role-playing game than love game for adults. Therefore, you will enjoy beautiful pictures of Pocket Fantasy like other role-playing games.

As for shaping, the game is designed in an eye-catching 3D animation style. The highlight of the image in the game mainly comes from beautiful girls. Not only do they have cute faces, they also have hot and mesmerizing bodies. Add to that eye-catching skill effects from those characters.

MOD APK version of Pocket Fantasy

  • 1. One Hit (only Adventure, Factory)
  • 2. God Mode (only Adventure, Factory)
  • *Note: Download and extract data file to Android/Data

Download Pocket Fantasy MOD APK for Android

As can be seen, Pocket Fantasy is a different game than any other game on Nutaku. The first difference is the depth of the role-playing game. And more importantly, the eye-catching manga style image. And the following will be the link to download Pocket Fantasy MOD APK for you. Note, you need to install the latest Pocket Fantasy MOD to be able to play the game. So you need to regularly update new versions from RedMod.co.

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