Old Friends Dog Game v1.26.01 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 20/08/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.26.01
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Build your own premium dog sanctuary in this Old Friends Dog Game! Taking care of them and talking with them yourself, you will see many interesting things about this animal. No need for sophisticated graphics, Old Friends Dog Gam still creates strange intimacy and peace! Using our MOD APK version, you will have a lot of money to buy the best gadgets for them.

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Introduce game Old Friends Dog Gam

Welcome to Old Friends Dog Game, which builds a love of dogs! Inspired by a real dog sanctuary, Runaway created this game full of humanity. Build and renovate the reserve to make it more advanced. Return the love of the dogs when you take care of them with your own hands. Start working on your first job right now!

Unlock the story

The first time you set foot in this game, you need to choose your specialty. If you take good care of them, their loyalty will increase. After that, other stories will be unlocked one by one. Each story has a clear narrative, allowing you to enjoy a variety of interesting storylines.

Construction and decoration of conservation areas

You will start your job at a simple, needy reserve. The equipment is simple and rudimentary, especially since there are not many locations yet. But with a strong love for work, nothing can stop you! Because you do not bring many dogs at first, taking care of them is also quite easy. Manually feed, bathe and even take them for a walk to increase intimacy. Try to complete many daily tasks to earn more money. From there, it is possible to equip many modern equipment, especially to expand the conservation area.

Decoration is also quite an interesting job when you can create the most beautiful sanctuary. You can decorate each house, each barn to the surrounding scenery. Wherever it feels empty, put decorations there. In the store there are many eye-catching decorative items, you are free to choose what you want.

Take care and talk with the dogs

To make the sanctuary more crowded, try to bring back dogs. They need to be well taken care of and receive your love. Progressing the game will allow you to unlock more and more beautiful and exotic dog breeds. In this Old Friends Dog Game, your main task is to increase the loyalty of the dogs. Loyalty points will increase each time you take care, chat or pet them. It’s also about time you show your love to them!

Make your dog more lovely by the clothes and ornaments. Each dog has adorable accessories that you earn as rewards in the narrative episodes. In addition, the store also sells many other similar items.

Record your journey

The time spent at this reserve is very meaningful. Each dog is a companion throughout the journey. Understanding that, the Old Friends Dog Game game has been added by the publisher to the journey recording feature. Create your own sanctuary profile with all the information about each dog, how it was built and developed… Then later looking back at your creations, you will be extremely happy. .

Light graphics, creating a sense of peace

Every scene, pet or character in the game is designed quite simply but close and friendly. 3D graphics combined with shading technology create the most realistic reserve. The concept of shaping is taken completely from real life so you will not find a point of absurdity. Old Friends Dog Game will make you feel so peaceful and comfortable. It’s even more amazing when the background music, birdsong, dogs… blend to create a beautiful natural scene.

MOD APK version of Old Friends Dog Game

MOD features

  • Free Shopping : you can buy everything even if you don’t have enough money.

Download Old Friends Dog Game MOD APK for Android

If you love taking care of animals, Old Friends Dog Game is for you! All dogs deserve to be loved, whether they are old dogs or small puppies. We guarantee you will enjoy your time in this dog sanctuary. Not too noisy, a peaceful and simple setting will give you the best experience. The game is free, but there are items that can be purchased for real money. So please be careful when playing! For now, download the game and start your journey!

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