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Surely you are too familiar with the names My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank … This is a series of pet simulation games developed by Outfit7 developer. These games have received hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play. And any new version released by Outfit7 receives the love of a large number of players. And they gathered all the characters in those versions to create My Talking Tom Friends.

Introducing My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends was first released a few months ago. However, at the time this game only supported certain countries. In mid-June recently, Outfit7 has officially released My Talking Tom Friends to players around the world. Right now, you can download this great game to experience it!

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The combination of friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a great combination from all previous Outfit games. Here, you will meet with 6 familiar friends, namely Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca. You will continue to care for these pets, but it will be harder. Because they all live in the same house, you have to take care of them. You still perform the familiar tasks of feeding, bathing, going to public places, playing, …

A new feature in this game is the interaction between the pets. These 6 pets can interact with each other through daily activities such as bathing, playing, eating. They can happily eat together, play together. But they can also occur conflicts, depending on how you take care of them.

Customize the dream home

When all the pets are in the same house, you need a big and beautiful house. You can customize your house with your own furniture types and styles. You can collect interesting toys during bus trips to town. In addition, you can also change the style of each pet with different costumes. New outfits and even home decorations need to be purchased with coins.

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Play interesting minigames

Like the game versions that Outfit7 has previously released, My Talking Tom Friends also has a lot of minigames for you to join. Those are fun entertainment games, very easy to play. However, to play high scores game, you have to spend a lot of time practicing. Because while playing minigames, not only are you entertained but you also earn coins. The higher the score you play, the more coins you get.

Each character will be representing a different game. D-pad, for example, would be a skateboarding game in the air. Hank will play interesting puzzle games, please play with him. And Algela will go to the park with other friends for a great trip!

Familiar images

As for pictures and graphics, the My Talking Tom Friends game has not changed compared to the previous individual games. It is a version that combines both gameplay and visuals. However, there will be new locations, new costumes for characters so the game does not get boring. And we won’t judge the graphics of the game very much.

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MOD APK version of My Talking Tom Friends

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Right after downloading the game and opening it up, you have a lot of coins. With this huge amount, you can spend on anything. Buy Tom and his friends new outfits, food and other toys. Our MOD version has been thoroughly tested, so you can be assured of it.

Download My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK for Android

My Talking Tom Friends is really an interesting game, an interesting combination of Outfit7. Right now, you can meet all familiar characters in a game. This game is suitable for all audiences, including children and adults. However, this game is loved by many children, so you should not let them play the game for too long. Right below is the link to download the game My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK for you to choose to download.

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