Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha v1.1.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Last updated: 20/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, God Mode
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Isonia Universe
Package:Google Play Link

Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha MOD APK is a very unique role-playing game that lets you take beautiful Waifus to fight monsters. And you also develop a closer relationship with those girls.

Introducing Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha

This game was just released by Isonia Universe on September 11 recently. It is available on Google Play and AppStore completely free for you to download. However, in this article, REDMOD brings you a special Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha MOD APK version. This version has been modified with few unique features. It will make your experience easier.


The story in the game is about a fantasy world ruled by Immortal Diablo. He captured the beautiful girls and locked them in the dungeon. They need someone brave enough to rescue them from there. If they can save them, they are ready to serve and become the wife of that person. And you are the one chosen to complete this important task. You must summon beautiful and strong girls, fight monsters and even the boss Immortal Diablo to rescue the imprisoned Waifu. This will be a challenging and equally exciting adventure journey for you.

Fight Immortal Diablo

Your journey with the goal of defeating Immortal Diablo. But first, you must overcome the monsters and his army. Choose a squad with strong female warriors. Then you take them into battle. Take your army to conquer different dungeons. Each place will have its own challenges for you to explore. To defeat the enemy, you must have the strongest army possible. That will depend on your ability to develop waifus.

Collect and upgrade Waifu

In the game, you have to collect for your army powerful Waifu. You can collect new waifus in gacha games. The game does not limit the number of waifu in your collection. Therefore, collect waifus with diverse looks and different fighting abilities. Because each character has a unique shape. And of course, they will have their own fighting ability based on their inherent skills.

After each battle, you also have to upgrade the power of each of your waifu. Your enemies appear more and more powerful. So you are forced to upgrade your strength and equip your character with the best items. If your army is not stronger, you cannot defeat Immortal Diablo.

Developing a relationship with Waifu

A special feature in this role-playing game is the dating element. As introduced, the character system that you control is beautiful waifu. Which waifu means virtual wives. You can choose any character to develop a relationship with them. Start with conversations, then flirt and date them. But whether you can date them or not depends on your ability.


Game Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha is developed with 2D graphics in the familiar Anime style. The images in the game are designed quite eye-catching, especially the character creation. The female characters are extremely cute and expressive. In addition, there are quite eye-catching skill effects in each match. If the game is invested with a high-end 3D graphics, the game experience will be much better.

MOD APK version of Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha

MOD feature

  • Menu MOD
  • Unlimited Gem
  • God Mode

Download Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha MOD APK latest version for Android

Coming to Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha, you can both experience exciting role-playing gameplay and date beautiful virtual wives. This will be a very unique experience for you. Right now, you can download Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha MOD APK to experience it!

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