Would you sell your soul? 2 v1.1.562 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices/Outfit)

Last updated: 09/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.562
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices/Outfit
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Would you sell your soul? 2 is a new version of the game of the same name, released by COMINO Inc. & INTEREST LLC. It still offers the familiar gameplay, but with new developments based on the old storyline, you will have extremely interesting new experiences.

Introducing Would you sell your soul? 2

COMINO Inc. & INTEREST LLC released Would you sell your soul? first in 2020. And it has attracted quite a few players from all over the world. So they continued to release a new second version with the same plot as the first part. Players will have an experience that is both familiar and new.

Same plot as part 1

Would you sell your soul? 2 is plotted quite similar to the first part. You are playing the role of a beautiful girl. You are an ordinary office worker, and have always dreamed of a beautiful, romantic love. But when your dreams don’t come true, you run into problems. That’s when you get into an accident, which plunges you into a strange story.

You died after an accident, but you woke up in a strange place. When you open your eyes, you see a guy claiming to be the devil. But his appearance is enigmatic. Is he really a demon? Or an angel? He tells you that he can bring you back to life. But you have to sign a contract with him. You have to trade many things for him to be able to come back to life. And then a chain of events puts you on the path of betrayal, loss of love, greed, family strife, curses…

Still the same plot type as part 1, but surely you won’t get bored when you explore it. Because this new version is built with new details and developments that you can’t predict.

Discover unique novels

In terms of gameplay, this version is no different from the first one. You can think of you playing a game, but you are actually reading a visual novel with your phone. But the novelty here is that you can read the story but you are the one who creates the ending for that story. The game will have a story system for you to explore. And most importantly, the dialogue between the main character and other characters in the game. You have to read each sentence and narration carefully to understand and really immerse yourself in this novel.

Make a decision for your future

Do you think the pre-built plot will come as no surprise? But the game Would you sell your soul? 2 is not like that. Every time you make a choice, or decide to solve a problem, the next course of action will change for each of your choices. Sometimes, it’s just the answers in a conversation that can change the ending of a plot. Therefore, every choice or decision you make needs to be carefully considered. Only then will you achieve your goal in this game.

MOD APK version of Would you sell your soul? 2

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices: You can choose whichever option you want. Usually, you have to use diamonds to be able to choose high-end options. Those choices often bring good results to the story that follows.
  • Free Outfits: You can choose any outfit you like.

Download Would you sell your soul? 2 MOD APK latest version for Android

Would you sell your soul? 2 brings you an experience that is both new and familiar. However, in terms of images, this new version has not changed compared to the first version. Still a 2D graphic background with images designed in the familiar anime style. Therefore, we do not evaluate the game’s visuals further. And now, you can immediately download Would you sell your soul? 2 MOD APK to experience it!

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