Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim v2.14 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Premium)

Last updated: 01/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.14
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Premium
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Enclaver Labs Ltd
Package:Google Play Link

This is an open world, life here is full of decisions to make! Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim MOD APK is a place for you to create your whole new life. Work, date or play the games you enjoy, be your own boss!

Introducing the game Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim

Continuing to be the interactive visual game genre, today we want to .introduce to you Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim MOD APK. It gives you an interesting text simulation life combined. Here, you just have to read the story and make your decision. Discover wit, humor and some romance where you live. Too many things to deal with, you decide all!

Create your character

Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim allows you to create your own appearance. First, choose your gender and name. The system will then take you to a custom appearance interface. You can choose hair color, body shape, skin color and face details. This game is guaranteed to provide enough details for you to create a character that resembles you in real life.

As for the outfit, you can only use the default look at first. Then you can earn money and shop for beautiful clothes. Now you will act as a stylist for yourself. Dress up yourself, shop for accessories in the style you like to create a complete copy. Appearance is also extremely important in later dating features.

Live the way you want

When you enter this open life, you have the right to decide for yourself a new way of living. You can live your true self or be a completely different person. You will discover a new person hidden deep inside to see if you fit this way of life. It is not necessary to go to work, because this game has many ways for you to earn money. Obviously, Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim allows players to practice a variety of lifestyles. They will always feel comfortable in this open world, which is also what the publisher aims to do.

Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim can also be a place where you take control of your lifestyle. You will find ways to make it better, living responsibly. Can you control yourself while you’re getting rich? Explore the possibilities as you choose to get rich or be the bad guy, be kind or take revenge. Getting married is also a way for you to create the best life.

Design your own home

Go to work and have money, it’s time for you to make your own house. Buy a beautiful piece of land in the middle of a lavish city and start designing. Do you prefer a spacious 2-storey house or a high-rise building? Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim allows you to design your own house or refer to some of the available models. After that, you also have to design the interior, decorate the house so that it becomes complete and comfortable. A lot of modern equipment is available in the store, you just need to choose and press “Buy”.


Looking for a new relationship, your life will be more meaningful. In this game a lot of beautiful girls appear around you. Neighbors, co-workers or an accidental acquaintance? You can go through many love affairs, but in the end you will still find your own happiness. Live your best life with that perfect relationship!

Make important decisions

Intuitive interactive gameplay is also part of this simulation game. You will have to make important decisions every day. That choice can either work to your advantage or fail miserably. These can be decisions that you would never normally make. Don’t let anything stop you!

Simple graphics

Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim has not-so-quality graphics according to our objective assessment. Simulation image is simple, the character is quite stiff and soulless. But overall, it’s also acceptable for a simulator. It is important that players are satisfied with its attractive and attractive gameplay. The images are also quite similar to reality, just lacking in softness. A little fun background music will keep you happy and inspired.

MOD APK version of Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Acquired Premium

Download Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim MOD APK is a game worth experiencing. It gives you a new simulated life, a place for you to discover your new personality. Simple graphics, familiar images so you always feel close and authentic. This game is unlike any other simulator you have ever known. Download and experience it now!

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