Mafia Inc v0.31 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 25/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:0.31
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Onesoft Global
Package:Google Play Link

Create your own Mafia empire in the game Mafia Inc. It’s the first time you get to challenge the villain role. You are the boss here, do whatever you want! Scaling and upgrading will cost you a lot of money, but it’s easy if you use our MOD APK version.

Introduce game Mafia Inc

Mafia Inc is a simulation game released by Onesoft Global. Here you will manage businesses, casinos … You will enter a world where the law cannot interfere. Do everything you can to get people to be afraid of you and pay you money for no reason. True to a Mafia boss, do whatever you want!


In the year 2077, when bandits and robbers rushed into your city. They tried to plunder and form gangster coalitions. They turn the streets into the operating territory and manage all jobs and areas in this city. This is a street living outside of the law, people are not protected by the authorities. Rules are made by bandits themselves and make everyone obey. If you don’t want to be prey, make them your prey. Time to become the infamous Mafia boss, grow and build your own empire.


Citywide management

Step by step intervening in all areas of the city to create a voice for you. First, win the businesses that are subject to your stewardship. Then, you can gradually expand into the management of banks, hotels, restaurants … Regardless of the location in the city you can also take power. Make people obey you and pay your bond money. Use the media to expand your voice territory.

Operate casinos, black markets, tattoo workshops, clubs, bars … Use the most famous bank in the city as a place to store money and launder money for your gang. The more money you have, the more you will have a voice and make people scared.

Do whatever you want

Business management, banking … is just a gentle form when you become a Mafia. Even bigger, you can directly rob the bank, collect security fees or steal anything. Anything that catches your eye can be easily snatched away. It’s up to you to be a cruel or merciful Mafia boss.

Make money and expand your empire

For a Mafia boss like you, money is never enough. Make a lot of money so you can expand your territory, turning any neighborhood into your business. Even though it is an illegal coin, but where there is no legal intervention, you can get it easily.

Collect Capos

Capos is the word for notorious criminals around the world. With a special ability that makes them different, it will definitely be your powerful arm. You are the boss here, sit back and enjoy, the loyal henchmen will handle all the dirty work on your behalf. Please collect a lot of Capos about the gang so that anywhere in the city is under your supervision.

Idle gameplay

Run everything even when you’re not online. The Capos will take your behalf to collect money, robbery or any other assigned job. You just need to assign them what to do, they will work continuously without stopping. You should see your money spike every time you re-enter the game. No need to spend a lot of time, you still have money to upgrade and expand every location.


Mafia Inc has countless characters who are famous and talented Capos. You can choose to hire them to work for you. The value of each character is based on the number of stars judging their abilities. If you own 5 star Capos, he can do everything for you in the best way. However, hiring him will cost a lot of money. But in the long run, this is an extremely smart investment.

You can equip guns for the Capos so that they can loot, raid on your behalf. You can buy items in the store and equip them. There will certainly be protests broke out by the people here. Therefore, creating a powerful Mafia army is essential.


Idle simulation games all have very light but colorful graphics. Animated widgets, characters and backgrounds are so cute and eye-catching. Death and combat were frequent, but there were no violent images. Watching the characters work is an interesting form of entertainment and is a feature of the idle game genre.

MOD APK version of Mafia Inc

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money, Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources

Download Mafia Inc MOD APK for Android

Start your journey to become the infamous Mafia boss right now with the game Mafia Inc. Do everything you want to make a lot of money, even rob and steal. The idle feature will help you make money quickly without spending much time playing. Download this idle game and play yourself as your first villain!

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