My Cosmic Sweetheart v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 28/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
Package:Google Play Link

My Cosmic Sweetheart will bring you an alien love story. It is the love between people who are friends from another planet. Everything is as smooth as you think? Will people around you accept an alien girlfriend? Handle it in what you think is perfect!

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Note: My Cosmic Sweetheart requires a number of devices, the emulator requires root to work. Not all!

Introduce game My Cosmic Sweetheart

Genius games all provide us with unique and engaging storylines. My Cosmic Sweetheart will tell the challenging love between the main character and the alien girl. You will participate in the game as the main character, handling unexpected situations on their behalf. Happy, happy or sad parting, it’s all based on your decisions!


One day, you are completing lessons at school like any other day. Suddenly, a large strange object descended from the sky. A UFO! That’s right, the UFO brings 2 extremely cute and beautiful alien girls. However, with a body that is not human, they are always shunned and hated from everyone around them. In addition, their appearance also means that your life is about to be bound by these 2 girls.

You find all kinds of ways to help them get closer to people. However, you do not know anything about them and do not know what to do. After all, can you figure out the mystery of their sudden appearance? Can you break out of this alien love or go deeper into it? Let’s go find the answer ….


You will follow the story progression through character dialogues. Once you know what’s going on, you’ll be offered options. Each of these choices will directly affect how the story unfolds. That’s why we’re saying that you can change an entire story with your own decisions. Since there are many options, at the same time this game will have many different endings. However, not all ends are happy, you need to be alert in each case to make the best choice.


Selene – Chic Voyager

She is a charming alien from Planet Melon. With royal poise, she attracts all eyes by her arrogance. She is always proud of her home world and tells about it to her friends. There is still much for her to learn about Earth. Despite her arrogance, you can’t deny that she also has a sweet and warm side. Will you show Selene the attraction in this blue planet and melt her stubborn heart?

Lyra – Soft-spoken Attendant

These gentle and discreet Melonian people dedicated themselves to Selene’s service. She has been following Selene since she was a child and knows her very well. But her passion ignited when she got acquainted with Earth food. Such a cute girl, will it make you fall in love?

Sora – Ambitious Club President

The Astronomy Club’s guiding light, can help people around her find their way? Third year, she will soon go to new fields and new lands. But the search for the stars is still open. Can she enter the real world?

Game interface

My Cosmic Sweetheart gives you a new look at the novel. No longer are pages of books that are text, but you will enjoy the story through specific images. The dialogue accompanying pictures will help you more easily visualize. Light and eye-catching interface will give players the greatest comfort.

MOD APK version of My Cosmic Sweetheart

MOD feature

  • Unlock Premium Choices

You can choose from the premium options from the very beginning of the game. Something that requires RUBY to unlock. But with this MOD APK version, you can open it for free.

Download My Cosmic Sweetheart MOD APK for Android

My Cosmic Sweetheart will bring you new experiences of a unique storyline. Unlimited plot and content creativity is something that fans of the live interaction genre love. For sure, My Cosmic Sweetheart will also bring you such a feeling!

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