Cooking Diary v2.25.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Currency)

Last updated: 10/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.25.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Currency
Package:Google Play Link

Today, we will introduce to you the cooking game that won 2 prestigious awards. This game is called Cooking Diary, it is released by MYTONA. So what is the reason for it to attract players so much? Please join us to explore! Besides we will send you the MOD APK version of Cooking Diary. This version will make your game experience easier.

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Intrduce game Cooking Diary

You will visit the culinary capital of the world Tasty Hills by participating in the game Cooking Diary. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of cuisine and take your name on the history of the city. This is a very unique game with many different game modes. Test your cooking skills in many challenging and fun levels. Make dozens of great dishes so you can win the hearts of the gourmet in the culinary capital of the world!

Character creation

You will start work by giving yourself a good look. First, choose the gender for the character you control. After that, we will go to details of other parts of the face such as hair, eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose … Choose skin color to make the character more similar to you. In addition, you can beautify your avatar with over 300 clothing items and accessories. Be the coolest and most elegant chef in the city with unique blending styles. Grow a beard or mustache, change your hairstyle, eye color or even the shape of your face.

Serve customers

You will be managing specific instructions for your work in the restaurant. From mixing, baking to making fast food, it’s all by yourself. Help the restaurant to make the dishes and drinks requested by the guests. Orders will come constantly, so you need to work constantly and be nimble. Your client will have 4 indicators of patience and it will decrease over time. If customers wait too long, they will leave and the restaurant’s reputation will decrease.

Tasks that take time, like making drinks or cooking smoked, should be done first before serving fast food. For example, if a client asks you to make a hamburger, a bag of chips and a cool soda, do the following for best results:

  • Open soda maker (complete in 10 seconds)
  • Bacon making (complete in 10 seconds)
  • In the meantime, bring the potato chips to the customer first
  • Take out the meat and put it in the Hamburger and at the same time take the soda to the customer

That is a prime example of time optimization. You will finish the soda while making the hamburger. This way you will be able to save a bit of time serving other customers, not letting them wait long.


If the customer is too crowded, you can hire more staff. The manager will recommend helpful assistants to assist you. They will do the jobs for you such as preliminary processing, processing … so that you have time to serve customers.

Complete the challenge

The challenge of each level is to earn the required amount. In the specified time, you need to serve a certain number of customers to earn the required amount of that level. The challenge will increase with level so you will have more quality experiences. Not only that, but you can also do better to achieve achievements. This feature gives you quite a lot of Diamonds, a rare currency in the game.

Achievement points will help you race the top rank against many other players. If you score at a certain point, you will receive an item chest. Which contains many attractive items that are very useful for your restaurant.

Discover stories

Cooking Diary has a lot of stories in it. Each character in the game has its own story. Including your staff – the hard-working Jonathan, his story is really moving: “Jonathan is a man who is really passionate about cooking and restaurants. He tried to create a recipe. The food is novel and unique, however, no one wants to try his food, it is only the dog he has raised to eat Jonathan’s food happily and deliciously. life last month. At that time, Jonathan was truly devastated. ” That is just one of the countless stories that you can explore in this game.

Restaurant upgrades and decorations

Restaurant upgrades are essential for you to attract guests. The upgraded beverage dispensing equipment and other processing items will help reduce its completion time. Thanks to that, you can serve the customers as quickly as possible. Upgrade your kitchen, put new TVs, sound systems and furniture to make sure your customers keep coming back. Expanding the restaurant space also helps you to welcome a larger number of customers to serve.

Open new restaurants and decorate them to suit your taste. Make your restaurant so sparkling, luxurious to attract more customers. Change backgrounds, floors, curtains, and pictures on the wall. Prove that your restaurant is the number one food court in the city through beautiful space and high-end equipment. Thereby, your income will also increase significantly.

Participate in cooking competitions

Bring new recipes back to your restaurant through large-scale cooking competitions. Cooking Diary competitions are home to the best chef guilds. The competition in skills will create an exciting and professional atmosphere. In addition to the huge bonuses, what the chefs are aiming for are the new recipes that will attract countless customers to enjoy. Are you confident in your abilities?

Play with friends

Join a culinary society or create your own interesting contests. Invite your friends to play together and win great prizes! This award will be discussed by you. Show off our great cooking skills with Cooking Diary.


Cooking Diary is a game with bright graphics and a luxurious restaurant space. The items and food are familiarly designed to create an authentic restaurant. Next to that is the cute and highly detailed character design. The smooth action of the character helps you make cooking and serving jobs easier. In addition, with more than 300 clothes and accessories, you can comfortably choose the fashion style that you love the most. Playful inspirational soundtrack for every player of Cooking Diary.

MOD APK version of Cooking Diary

MOD feature

  • Unlimited currency
  • Disconnected from Google Play Games

Installation Instructions

  • Uninstall the original version of the game (if any)
  • Turn on “unknown sources” and download the APK file below the article
  • Open the downloaded file and select install
  • Open the game and enjoy

Note: To avoid crashes, you need to disconnect from the internet while in game. Besides, if the MOD has problems, re-download the original on Google Play and install as usual. Once done, delete it and reinstall the MOD version.

User rating

Through user reviews, you will somewhat generalize the appeal of this game. Here are the user reviews on Google Play:

“Great game! I tried it and now I am fascinated. Building a story with investment makes players feel excited. Especially cute graphics, easy money, many quests to earn bonuses, Not getting in too much advertising. Never rated the game, but because it was so good that I had to write a review! “

“Very great !, good game, simple, easy to earn rubies and coins. But later on, restaurants raise the kitchen a little bit of ruby and coins. Upgrades are worth the money you earn, making it much faster. Nice! “

“This game is extremely fun to play, click already. The game is a bit slow every time you buy or upgrade to wait 2 to 3 seconds. But in short it’s fun, you should download and play to see yourself talking. it’s correct.”

“The game is very nice and easy to play. I like the most that you can use both hands to pick up the delivery, not just one item at a time. There is also an extra help shelf when the balance can be left there without having to. put it in the trash. Very convenient, 5 stars for this feature “

“This game is very good, easy to play and entertaining. But viewing ads should choose only 10s to 15s ads, watch long ads easily make players uncomfortable. Small suggestions”

Download Cooking Diary MOD APK for Android

Create your character and start an exciting culinary adventure with Cooking Diary. The extremely attractive cooking game has won “international mobile game award 2019” and “player’s choice”. Dozens of attractive features are waiting for you in this great game. Join in and name yourself in the history of the world’s top Tasty Hills cuisine!

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