My City: Star Stable APK v4.0.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 04/08/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.2
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:My Town Games
Package:Google Play Link

Are parents and children ready to raise, ride and train their horses in the game My City: Star Stable? Download the game now and start your journey! Countless other interesting locations are also waiting to be unlocked, which children can freely explore in this safe educational game. Instead of spending about 1$ to buy the game, you can download it for free at the link below.

We introduced all versions of My City before. My City : LondonMy City : University are two quite popular versions.

Introduce about My City: Star Stable

Continuing the series of educational games My City, this time the publisher My Town Games will take people to a rather interesting career. My City: Star Stable is a place where children can raise their own horses. From feeding, dressing, training, horse racing… children can do it. This game has clear graphics, highly educational content, so it is safe for children. The section below the article will help you better understand the features of this game.

Main gameplay

In this version, the main job of the child is to raise a horse by himself. Children can choose to keep a pony or an adult. Each type will have their own advantages. After that, children will have to manually feed, care for and dress the horse. In particular, children can train them to become the strongest, fastest and most powerful racehorses. Participate in online races. If you win, you will receive countless rewards. In addition, in their spare time, children can decorate their horse to be unique. Riding on the backs of horses and children can explore the beautiful, large city.

Many interesting places

Not only playing around the stables, children can also explore many other places. The virtual world in My City: Star Stable is vast and full of surprises. Children can explore several key places:

  • Racecourse: this is a place for children to participate in horse races. Lots of other online players will join here as well. Exciting and dramatic races are sure to delight children.
  • Backyard: here everyone can cook together. Children will cook for their family the most delicious dishes they know. Besides, people can also play mini games together to increase the atmosphere.
  • Living room and kitchen: here the child and family spend most of their time. Everyone relaxes there and watches TV, or eats family meals.

Those are just some of the many interesting locations in this game. Children will gradually unlock locations through exploration and solving mini puzzles. It’s both entertaining and thought-provoking for children, isn’t it great!

The safest and most loved game by children

Hundreds of millions of children love versions of My City. This is a simple, engaging and engaging game. This is also a fully interactive game, children can touch anything on the screen. It’s like a miniature dollhouse, but inside is a huge world full of fun. The versions of My City are all interconnected. The same young character can move through Cities. The game also supports multi-touch so that multiple people can play on the same screen.

My City: Star Stable is a safe, highly educational game. It is suitable for all ages, especially children from 4 to 12 years old. No ads, no harmful content, kids can explore freely.

Graphics, sound

All My City games have quality, clear and vivid graphics. The characters are designed very lovable. The images are highly detailed, making children feel a real world right in front of their eyes. No need to go anywhere, children can explore the vast world right in their own home. Besides, there is the vibrant sound of many different characters in the game. It creates a fun atmosphere and brings a lot of positive inspiration. Background music is also played continuously in the game, children can optionally turn on / off.

APK version of My City: Star Stable

My City: Star Stable is now available on the Google Play store, you can buy it there. Its price is about 1$ and varies by region. But we want to send you the APK version of this game. It’s completely free, you just need to download and install it on your phone.

Download My City: Star Stable APK for Android

My City: Star Stable gives you the best for raising horses. Attractive gameplay with many locations to explore and beautiful graphics, there is no reason for you to refuse. Click on the link below, you can own this game completely free.

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