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Last updated: 03/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.3929
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 8.0+
Publisher:Coconut Island Games
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to Growing Up, you experience a simulation gameplay combined with adventure, role-playing and extremely exciting exploration. This game gives you the feeling of being transported back in time to the 1990s full of beautiful memories.

Introducing Growing Up

Have you ever wanted to go back to your past to do things you couldn’t? Or do you wonder what your life would be like when you were born in the 1990s? Life in the 90s marked the development of many aspects of the United States. Coming to the game Growing Up, you will experience a lavish life in those years.

Growing Up is published by Coconut Island Games. It is a simulation game, but when playing you will be role-playing, adventure and make friends with many other people. Surely this will be an extremely attractive game in the near future.

Circumstances of the game

As mentioned, in the game Growing Up, you are transported back in time to the 90s in the United States. For the young players, that time is a beautiful memory of our parents. So do you want to discover their lives in those beautiful days?

During that time, society changed rapidly, marking the great development in many aspects of the United States. Along with that is the strong rise of popular culture. Your journey in the game is to explore many different locations, in a nostalgic city of the United States. A magnificent lavish city full of interesting stories is waiting for you to step in and adventure.

Discover interesting stories

The gameplay of the game Growing Up is similar to the visual novel games. That means you will discover many different stories. In each story, you get to play a different character and start experiencing that person’s life. Each character that you create will face many challenges in life. Your choices and decisions directly affect the ending for that character.

Each character will have more than 1000 lines about stories that take place every day in this nostalgic city. Along with that comes many changes in life. These transformations take place when you make a decision or choice.

Experiencing relationships

The adventure in Growing Up is incredibly varied. Each story has a different content and theme. You will be playing, fighting, falling in love, making friends, … and many other interesting things. And of course, each story will let you get to know and interact with new friends. As your character matures, you can interact with 19 different characters. Each character creates a different relationship with your protagonist. And how that relationship, is entirely up to your decision, the way you play.

Skill system for characters

Each character has its own skills. Starting from choosing a major of study, in different schools. Next, you have to choose a profession and job for them. While studying at university, or college, the character will hone study skills as well as life skills. Let your character develop strengths in a certain discipline. Or let them participate in extracurricular activities to build character.

At the end of each story, your character will have a separate job and different relationships. There are up to 200 different skills for the character to learn. Then there will be 42 different careers for you to choose from. It could be an Astronaut, the CEO of a game company, a famous actress… Maybe even the President of the United States of America.

2D graphics

In terms of graphics, the game Growing Up is not appreciated. Because it only owns 2D graphics background. But in return, the visual design in the game is the impressive point of Growing Up. All images in the game are hand-drawn by professional artists. A nostalgic American city of the 90s has come to life. Especially the character creation. The characters in the game have a classic beauty, but no less charming. The costume system also contributes to bringing back good memories of those years.

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APK version of Growing Up


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Overall, Growing Up is a game with a unique gameplay, different from other simulation games. So it sells for 5.99$ on Google Play. However, in this article, you can download it for free with the Growing Up APK version of REDMOD!

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