Mostory v3.2.2 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:3.2.2
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Mostory MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is an application used to edit animations on Instagram’s Story. This is the tool that turns the frames on your story into extremely artistic works.

Introduce about Mostory app

Stories on Instagram are now preferred by most of the young generation because of their fast, compact appearance and extremely lively appearance. In addition, the security of personal photos will be higher than posting photos in the form of posts.

You always want to have impressive and professional Instagram stories. However, you do not have much editing ability, then the Mostory app was born for you.

Therefore, you must also equip yourself with useful tools to get the most professional story angles. And one of the tools to mention is Mostory. App Mostory is an indispensable application in the process of editing animations or professional clips to post on stories.

Story Creation

To have an impressive story, you need to master the necessary skills in editing animations and short clips. However, with Mostory, we can easily create different story styles with simple operations.

The Mostory application is currently being designed with 300 pretty professional story templates. Therefore, you will easily choose the available story template that best suits your story. However, we can still create our own stories through simple editing operations on the app.

In addition, the application also allows users to access a huge photo library, making your animated photos more unique than ever. Along with that, the font in Mostory is quite diverse, allowing you to freely choose. You can customize the text color as well as the font size to best fit the frame.

Basic editing features

Mostory will allow users to edit images with a series of filters and effects. The application is designed with a lot of filters or filters already available. You can completely manipulate easily on your photos to find the right filter. Filter as a new shirt for your frame to be more vivid.

The app also has features like crop, rotate, zoom in size and flip images in a custom way. Professional features such as adjusting brightness, saturation, color, … are also designed to be quite convenient for use on Mostory.

Story clip-specific feature set

As easy as editing photos, we can also work with short clips at Mostory. The application is pre-designed with a variety of different clip editing themes. These themes usually focus on 10 everyday topics such as: retro & vintage, black & white, vacation,… Therefore, you just need to find the right theme, click select to be able to create a professional clip. to post stories.

Special features for Story clips:

  • Easily insert text, Q&A, quotes, etc. into the appropriate segments.
  • Wide range of filters, easy-to-use preset filters for short clips
  • Insert more transition segments in the clip when desired.
  • Insert more live music available to make an impressive clip.
  • The feature combines a series of different still images to create an impressive and unique clip.

Uploading photos or short clips to stories through the application is also very fast, with just one note.

Some features exclusively for Story clip editing

Stories on Instagram are now always associated with vivid images and impressive music. Currently, Mostory also owns more than 100 songs without copyright. Therefore, you can easily choose the music that best suits your story. You will not have to pay any royalty fees to own a hot hit song on your story.

MOD APK version of Mostory

The features of the app are divided into two parts, the free features and the paid features. And of course with the normal basic package level, the features on Mostory can be quite limited compared to the paid version. Therefore, we recommend you to use the Pro version for the best experience.

MOD features

Pro Unlocked

The MOD feature will allow users to unlock paid features on the application. Therefore, every nook and cranny in Mostory will be easily explored by you. From there, you will experience the full value that the application brings us. Because of this, this MOD APK feature is trusted by many people to use.

Download Mostory MOD APK latest version for Android

Stories on Instagram have long been familiar to social network users. Story angles often reflect real life more than photo posts. That is also the reason why Story has become so popular. To keep up with this trend, Mostory MOD APK will be a great tool for you. For great animations or short clips, what are you waiting for, download and use it right away!

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