Candy Camera v6.0.90-play Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 29/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:6.0.90-play
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Studio SJ
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Candy Camera is an application that specializes in photo editing. It’s not just applying effects, but also editing the face and shape in detail. Thanks to that, the application gives you the ideal, beautiful look like famous actors.

Introducing Candy Camera app

This application is released by Studio SJ, supporting many different platforms. It was released quite a while ago, has attracted hundreds of millions of users. The number of downloads on Google Play is up to more than 100 million, with nearly 4 million active rating. Here, REDMOD introduces a little about this great photo editing application. And the link to download Candy Camera MOD APK is at the bottom of this article.

Natural style filter

Candy Camera chooses a gentle, natural style for her. Hundreds of filters in the app help you quickly create a better, more attractive photo. But the special thing is that you still keep the original natural colors.

Like the unique make-up of Korean actors, making you fall in love with being beautiful like a goddess. Candy Camera promises to give your photos the same beauty. And the operation is just to select the image to put in the application, swipe left, swipe right to select Filter applied, adjust the parameters of the effect, and that’s it.

A filter in Candy Camera will first make your skin shine, reduce existing blemishes such as dark spots, dark spots, melasma… And then affect the entire context of the image. Figure. So the image is natural, light and without the feeling of over-editing.

Candy Camera’s filters are displayed in real time as you take a selfie. So you don’t even have to wait until you have an image to start editing. The “beauty” can start before the camera is taken to take pictures.

Beautify your face and body in every photo

Candy Camera not only has many filters with a natural and pure style, but also has powerful face and body editing tools for each photo. Your selfie will become more perfect if the person in the photo has an elegant face, an angle to that corner and a standard body of an actor model. What can you do to increase your beauty level through Candy Camera?

  • Slimming: just a gentle swipe on the body area that is slightly chubby, you will have a slim belly, medium-sized arms or a standard V-line face.
  • Skin whitening: Candy Camera’s White skin function will give the subject of any photo a smooth, youthful, flawless skin. But of course do not blur everything around like outdated photo editing apps. Everything is still very natural and not changed much, even though your skin has become much smoother.
  • Concealer: with just a small touch, you can once again erase unwanted details on your face: make eyes look bigger, fingers slimmer, remove wrinkles, blur rough spots…
  • Light makeup: lipstick, add blush, eyeliner, mascara…

All these edits with the help of the subject beautification tool in Candy Camera, will make you have a better and slimmer figure without losing the quality of the original image. You are still you, but a better version.

All kinds of themed stickers

Candy Camera also has a lot of stickers to decorate pictures. The sticker collection in Candy Camera is pretty terrible: all kinds of topics, according to the occasion, according to the color tone, catching up with the trend, constantly updated every day. When you paste stickers on pictures, you can optionally resize and move them by touching the screen.

Silent photography mode

Candy Camera supports this Silent Camera feature to help you take snapshots at any time and place without disturbing people around. This not only helps you to be more polite, but also shows sophistication, especially in crowded places. From now on you can take selfies anywhere without fear of embarrassment.

Create photo collage frames

When you have too many pictures to post but do not want them to display only 1-3-4 images on the post frame in a boring way available, you can use the Collage tool – Collage in Candy Camera. Take a lot of strange collages, choose a variety of grid types available to arrange the layout. Your image space on social networks will become much richer and unique.

MOD APK version of Candy Camera

MOD features

VIP Unlocked.

New feature update

Latest Version: 6.0.22 (Updated January 26, 2022)

  • Added new effects;
  • Improve image quality after editing;
  • Fix some minor bugs encountered in the old version.

Download Candy Camera MOD APK for Android

There are many orthopedic apps, each with its own strengths. The special feature of Candy Camera is its naturalness, not artificiality. For example, filters, beautifying tools, V-line, and slimming are very subtle. The special thing is that after editing, no one will realize that you have edited. And many more great things. In general, if you need to edit photos quickly, light, beautiful, and natural, you should install Candy Camera right now!

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