PREQUEL v1.75.0 Mod APK (Full Unlocked)

Last updated: 04/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.75.0
MOD Info:Full Unlocked
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

You can easily create great moments with PREQUEL. Our PREQUEL MOD APK version helps you to unlock all features of this app. It’s free, what are you waiting for!

PicsArt and Soloop are also very popular free photo editing apps..

Introduce about PREQUEL

Beautiful pictures always bring us joy and excitement. PREQUEL is a photo and video editor with high aesthetic. It gives a fresh look at your original photos. With powerful filters and effects, PREQUEL will bring you eye-catching visual effects. From there you can create a perfect and sophisticated photo. Please join us to learn more about this wonderful application!

The app you are always looking for

PREQUEL brings you a lot of innovation in the field of photo editing. It gives you a modern, retro, or futuristic look to your photos and videos. PREQUEL gives you the tools you need most to easily create a desired photo. Depending on the color scheme, filtering and effects, you will create a photo with your own style.

Simple to use, convenient is also the thing for you to choose this application. Even if you have never used an editing application before, you can quickly master the features while experiencing PREQUEL. Each tool comes with instructions for you to better understand before using.

Characteristic features

PREQUEL focuses mainly on eye-catching visual effects. Therefore, this application owns thousands of unique filters and effects. You can use this app to unleash your own unique style. In addition, you can also mix the effects and tools yourself to create unique customizations.

Premium filter

PREQUEL offers you a multitude of high-tech filters to refresh your photos. Color filters will give a dramatic color to the look of a photo. Going deeper, other filters will smooth skin, remove blemishes, and makeup when you take selfies. Photos are also perfect if the lighting is right. Hence, you can also adjust the brightness to your liking.


PREQUEL possesses many shimmering visual effects. Favorite effects are VHS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Prism, Plastic. In addition, you can choose from many more when accessing the “Effects” section. This is an extremely important feature when it comes to making your photos more unique. Besides, the effects also tell the emotion of the photo when looking at it. A sad picture with the effect of rain, sunset or a vivid photo with shimmering, colorful effects.

Video creation and editing

Start your new video project with PREQUEL. Easily create short videos and edit them to create a professional looking product. You can import videos from the gallery or record directly from the app’s camera. Add any preset to change color or content for your video.

Advanced editing tools

This app has a variety of tuning tools that make your presets unique. Fast and easy editing process requires no special skills or add-ons. Custom settings for fine tuning each filter available in the app. Combine an unlimited number of filters and tools to create your own unique custom presets. Mechanical editing tools like cut, merge, rotate … are available. This application focuses on the development of filters and effects to create industrial products. New tools are also added and updated weekly to be sent to users.


This app screen interface is designed quite eye-catching and sophisticated. The toolkit is neatly organized and easy to find. You will not take too much time to get to know and explore. You can also prioritize the tools you often use to the top in the editing process.


What’s in the Gold version of PREQUEL?

The free PREQUEL version is already great, which will be more perfect if you subscribe to PREQUEL Gold. With this version, you will be:

  • Unlocked all features (limited in free version)
  • Experience without advertising
  • Save photos in HD quality
  • Add exclusive, advanced editing tools

Registration fee

Before deciding to sign up, you will have a 3-day trial of the Gold version of PREQUEL for free. You can then renew it for $ 2.99 / week and $ 30.4 / year (80% cheaper). If you really love the app, the annual plan will be the most economical option.

Note: After 3 days of trial, the system will automatically renew according to the weekly package. Therefore, you need to cancel before the trial version expires if you do not want to extend.

Should you use PREQUEL Gold?

This app is a great photo editing app. Especially its advanced effects and filters will make the photo a lot more professional. Therefore, the price of 30 $ per year is well worth your money. Through our experience, we realize that PREQUEL is really a powerful tool, worth using. However, the free version is not going to portray all the best of the app. Therefore, Gold version will help you feel the most professionalism and convenience of PREQUEL.

What’s in the latest update?

Regarding bug fixes, the publisher conducted:

  • App no longer vibrates when you scroll through effects and filters
  • Fixed an issue where the newly updated photo gallery view could not be viewed

Besides that is adding new features:

  • Add a new KIDCORE filter to color each photo brighter
  • Add classic DENIM effects
  • New languages Russian, Indonesian and French
  • Add BLUR at the request of many users

The publisher is always receptive to comments from users. If you have any ideas, please contribute to them to make the updates even more complete.

MOD APK version of PREQUEL

MOD feature

  • Full Unlocked

This is a free application that you can easily download at Google Play. However, some tools and filters, effects will be limited. Therefore, you need to pay monthly maintenance fee to be able to use it. But with this PREQUEL MOD APK version, everything is free. We have completely unlocked everything in PREQUEL, you can experience all the most powerful tools. Do not lose any fees, unleash your creativity and create beautiful photos.

Installation Instructions

  • Remove the original PREQUEL version from Google Play (if any).
  • Turn on “unknown sources” and download the APK file below the article
  • Open the downloaded file and install it
  • Turn on the app and experience all the features of PREQUEL


Where don’t I see the D3D Stereo feature in PREQUEL?

D3D works on any phone device. If you can’t see it in the features section, you’re probably using an older version. Please make sure that you have updated the app to the latest version.

Why can’t the D3D feature in PREQUEL be used?

The D3D function only works on devices that support portrait photography. If your phone doesn’t have one then you can’t use this feature.

Why did I download PREQUEL to my phone, but when I turned it on, the screen was only black?

This issue may occur if there is not enough active memory. To refresh, reboot your device and then force close all running apps. Finally you can try to open this app again.

How can I cancel PREQUEL Gold package?

To learn how to register or unsubscribe from PREQUEL Gold, you can visit the subscription introduction section in the app’s settings. In which clearly introduced all terms, subscribe, renew and unsubscribe.

Reviews from users

User reviews that used PREQUEL were the most accurate. You will have a better overview of the pros and cons of this application. Here are some reviews on Google Play:

“The app is generally great, there are lots of filters and effects to choose from. But sometimes it loads slowly and crashes. If the load speed is a little faster it’s extremely perfect.”

“This app is great, I like the app’s aesthetic filters. The only downside is that the app takes up quite a bit of space. It could also be because I used the HD photo saving feature. If possible, reduce it.” the size and still the image quality are too great! “

“I have no problems with app features. It’s just that every time I open the app and use it for 3 minutes, my phone heats up very quickly. It doesn’t look like I’m running a game. 3D or something. Also the battery drains quite quickly. Instead of adding more features, maybe you should try to make the app work more stable and not heat up the phone. “

“A worthy free app that I got. Effects and filters are aesthetically pleasing. But can you provide youtube canvas?”

“Easy to use and more modern than other photo editing apps. The orthopedic is not too virtual compared to reality. However, my photo looks very nice and I really like it. I decided to buy the Gold package from me. this application. “

Download PREQUEL MOD APK for Android

This app always receives very positive reviews every day on Google Play. With what PREQUEL offers, it will help you feel satisfied and consider this an indispensable companion. Powerful features, simple to use and completely free, this is like a big gift for you. What are you waiting for without experiencing PREQUEL right now!

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