Adobe Photoshop Camera APK v1.4.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 10/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.2
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In the past, we could only take pictures on specialized cameras. Because at that time, the camera on mobile phones was not developed strongly, the quality of taking photos was very poor. But for now, most users take photos with their smartphones instead of cameras. It can’t be said that the phone’s camera can replace the camera, but the popularity of taking photos on phones is more common than using the camera. As a result, more and more photo editing and imaging applications were born.

Introducing Adobe Photoshop Camera

As we introduced, Adobe is the leading phone and computer software development company today. So they only stood out with photo and video editing and design applications. They do not yet have a quality camera application. And recently, they officially released a professional photography application, called Adobe Photoshop Camera.

Adobe Photoshop Camera was introduced by Adobe a few years ago. But back then, it was just a preview for some high-end devices like the Google Pixel. Until now, it is June 2020, this application will be officially launched. Yesterday, June 11, Adobe released Adobe Photoshop Camera on Google Play. However, Adobe Photoshop Camera is not yet supported on all mobile devices. If you have an Android device, you can still use this app thanks to the Adobe Photoshop Camera APK.

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Great features

Since the launch of the trial version, Adobe Photoshop Camera has received the attention of a large number of users. It has made a strong impression with the ability to stitch extremely fantasy images. Image stitching is developed based on artificial intelligence developed by Adobe itself. And now, this application has been officially released, at the same time its advanced features were also born.

Adobe has introduced that the artificial intelligence they use is called Adobe Sensei. This artificial intelligence can recognize objects or objects in the image. From there, the system will recommend to users the most reasonable filters to create the best photos. The developer also claims that Photoshop Camera is a software that “brings Photoshop-class magic to your smartphone”.

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In addition, the AI algorithm of Adobe Photoshop Camera also has the ability to identify the sky very well. And it can create many unique effects that camera applications do not have. This application also brings a lot of filters available for you to choose. These advanced filters can change the image style automatically and intelligently. The results you receive are extremely impressive, surely you will be surprised. Because they not only change the color of the image, but also automatically adjust the brightness and contrast appropriately.

Currently, this application has more than 80 different filters to choose from. For example some Portrait filters, Studio Light, Bloom, Pop Art, Spectrum, Desync, Food, Scenery, Natural Skies, Analog, Night Shift, Comic Skies … With these filters, you have a choice and shoot. Photos directly from the camera of the application. Or you can also take regular pictures then edit. Based on the theme of the photo you choose for yourself the best filters.

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Download Adobe Photoshop Camera APK for Android

With Adobe Photoshop Camera, you can both take high quality photos and edit photos for free. This is truly a great matching app for you. However, at present, this application still has few features. Hopefully, Adobe will add more interesting features to this application soon.

Right now, you can download Adobe Photoshop Camera from Google Play to experience it. If you cannot install from Google Play for any reason, you can choose our version of Adobe Photoshop Camera APK.

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