Lensa v5.2.2+813 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:5.2.2+813
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 8.0+
Publisher:Prisma Labs, Inc.
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

You mostly like the naturalness of photos, but many filters today are too “garish”. Lensa will be the “true love” for you. Our application always emphasizes gentle, natural beauty in every detail.

Introduce about Lensa

Lensa is an AI-integrated professional photo editing application. The App allows users to edit many details on the face to have a satisfactory selfie. With Lensa in hand, your virtual “career” will take you to a whole new level.

In addition, a variety of filters also help us create a variety of images and concepts. Thanks to that, each person’s personal page will be significantly more attractive.

“Sincerely” for sisters who love to take pictures

The current photo editing apps cannot be counted. With one click, we have many different options. However, it is not natural that Lensa is so popular. The application provides users with a treasure trove of filters, meeting all editing needs.

Besides, the interface is friendly, easy to use. You don’t need to have professional gear or become an “editing wizard”. Owning the right photo has never been so simple.

Lensa always upholds the natural

Currently, the “garish” style of makeup is no longer popular. But now, natural beauty is the top favorite. Understanding that, Lensa was born with the criterion of cherishing pure beauty, not fussy, colorful.

The App focuses on editing the details of the light, skin, and face, etc. So you will see that the product does not seem to have changed too much. However, the more we look at it, the more attractive it becomes. This is the top reason why women who love virtual life should try Lensa.

Simple, familiar filter

The filter store on Lensa is extremely rich and not “fake” at all. When editing, you can use a pre-made photo or take a photo through the app’s built-in camera. The rest is just to find the right filters and apply them to the image.

In fact, the filter on Lensa is like a simple makeup on the user’s face. Thanks to that, the lines are adjusted for more harmony and freshness. With that said, unnatural splendor is not always good. You don’t have to be anyone else to be beautiful. App Lensa will make you utter your own unbelievable beauty.

Super skin regeneration feature

One of the cool features on Lensa is the reproduction of smooth, blemish-free skin. For many women, skin plays a very important role. It determines a lot of the spirit and energy that the picture brings. However, not everyone owns a shiny, healthy skin. It is completely understandable that many people find ways to hide their pitted skin.

The Auto Adjust feature on Lensa lets you do it in the blink of an eye. Comes with the ability to naturally remove acne, remove blemishes, whiten teeth. and hair editing. Thanks to that, the product will not be too virtual like when you scratch the image by hand.

Embellish the window of the soul

Similarly, the application also supports users to retouch the eyes on the image. You can trim eyebrows, change eye color, fix “panda eyes” and remove crow’s feet.Also, taking pictures in high light conditions often causes red-eye. The App will help you get rid of it. This unnatural element is attractive or not in the eyes, so don’t miss this Lensa feature.

No less than a professional camera

Obviously, professional photo quality always beats the photos taken from the phone. However, we do not often use the camera too much in taking selfies. The reason is because it is too cumbersome and requires many people to take pictures with. With Lensa, your phone will be like an almighty device. You can take photos anywhere, anytime while still having the same quality as a mechanical camera.

Erase and change font extremely sharp

Deleting and changing digital fonts are two of Lensa’s “striking” features. The App allows users to blur and contextualize without revealing a cut line around the subject. Thanks to that, the image is many times more natural. You can also change various backgrounds. All are guaranteed to be as authentic as possible.

MOD APK version of Lensa 

Lensa will be a reliable companion of many women in the virtual life journey. The app produces many satisfactory pictures but the operation is extremely simple. With the MOD APK version, you will be provided with more editing features. The finished image quality has also been significantly improved.

MOD fearture


Lensa MOD APK has unlocked full features for users. The application allows us to access and use a multitude of filters in the collection. The features of skin regeneration, eye correction, deletion and font change remain the same. Comes with many other tasks to make the image after editing more perfect.

Download Lensa MOD APK latest version for Android

Now, you can easily download the Lensa MOD APK app. The pictures you like for 0 cents are at your fingertips. Do not hesitate any longer without experiencing this wonderful application right away. Don’t forget to share with us what you love about this app.

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