Motion Ninja v4.1.6 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.1.6
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Make all your moments more sparkling and vivid with Motion Ninja. This is a professional photo editing application with a very powerful set of tools. You can easily create amazing Hollywood-style movies. Capture your life moments and turn them into creative videos!

Video editing has Motion Ninja, and for photo editing we have Motionleap.

Introduce about Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is your best bet if you love video editing. This is the app released by changpeng. It is full of the most powerful tools, not inferior to the professional programs on the PC. Simple interface, optimized and easy to use features, you will quickly be conquered by this application. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, this app will be right for you.

Characteristic features

Full editing tools

This application offers you the most comprehensive editing features. These include trim, copy, split, reverse, and more. It also provides a video splitter for easier segmentation, filtering and editing. If you do something wrong you can undo and redo, no need to worry about having to fix it all over again.

Create new videos

Create your new project on this app. Take every small step perfecting your product with the help of Motion Ninja. You can easily insert or merge videos at will. Diverse set of fonts and emojis make it easy to tell your story. Once done, just one touch and you can share it anywhere. The comments of friends or online community also help you improve in the field of video creation.

Music video editing

Do you want to create music videos to gain more fans and followers on social media? Motion Ninja will also provide you with powerful music alignment and editing features. Easily insert your favorite music, vlog into the general video. Or you can extract audio from any video. Mute your video with just one click. Voice recording is also available in the features section of the app.

Filters and effects

Enhance the picture quality of your videos with Motion Ninja’s professional filters. You may feel annoyed when your phone is recording out of focus and the image quality is poor. This application will provide you with color filters, skin smoothing, anti-aliasing … Your videos will be as professional as any editor.

Combine eye-catching visual effects to make your videos unique. This app has provided you with an exclusive effect library. They are designed by the most professional graphic designers. Feel free to choose one or more any effects and insert into your video. Not only that, you can also combine many effects at the same time to create a new unique and fancy formula.

Video speed control

Easily adjust precise video and music speeds with Motion Ninja. Video speed is also an important factor to create a highlight for many scenes. Create slow motion and fast motion playback to present stunning cinematic effects. The application allows you to customize many different playback speeds. So you can flexibly change it for any scene you want. Not too fast nor too slow, the final decision is still with you.

Sample pre-order

Many music videos and effect templates are available for you to choose from. You can recreate popular tiktok transition effects and paced anime video editing. Cool effect templates include 3D Cube, Kirakira, Cartoon Filter, and more. Even if you are a video editing beginner, you can make difficult edits with ease!

All free

The free features that Motion Ninja offers are more than enough for you to create extremely quality videos. This is the factor that makes this application more popular than other applications of the same category. It has many more free features and is extremely easy to use. However, it still has an upgrade pack for those who want an enhanced experience.

Save and share


Motion Ninja allows you to save HD quality videos with sharp resolution. Video output resolution and custom frame rates include 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Higher quality will naturally take up more of your memory. But in terms of quality, there is nothing to complain about.


Just one click, you can share your products through many famous social networking sites. Send it to your friends and relatives so they can enjoy your wonderful product together. They will have extremely important suggestions to help you improve the quality in the upcoming projects. You can upload them to YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more.


Simplicity and intelligence are what we are impressed with this app. All features are neatly arranged below the photo. This will be very convenient in your editing process. They are also classified quite clearly so users can quickly find the feature they need. All designs are oriented towards comfortable experience for users of Motion Ninja.

Motion Ninja Pro

This is the upgraded version of this app. Although the free version is more than enough, but for even more perfection, upgrade to Pro. In addition to unlocking all remaining limited features, this version also helps you remove ads. This is something that most users are annoyed by because it interferes with their creative process. What’s more, you are also provided with more 3D effects, templates, fast video output. Along with that is adding many new editing features, more advanced for you.

The subscription price of the Pro version is not too expensive. There are currently 3 options available to you: $ 4.16 per month, $ 8.8 per year, and $ 14.91 for a lifetime subscription. The subscription price will also vary by region around the world. Your country may also be cheaper or a bit more expensive. If you really love Motion Ninja, spend about $ 15 to permanently own this Pro version. It will help you a lot in the field of video editing. You can also experience the 7-day trial before deciding to subscribe.

MOD APK version of Motion Ninja

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked: we permanently unlocked Pro subscription in this version. You can open the app and experience it for free.

Reviews from users

To be able to generalize the pros and cons of this application, you can refer to the review from the predecessor. Here are some of the user reviews on Google Play:

“Great app! The best app I’ve ever used, thanks Development”

“Actually, this is a very useful and good editing app. But one big minus point here is that the app is often frozen, even if it goes out and back, it still looks like it is not (being thrown more than a few times). , I want the admin to fix this situation, thank you. “

“Pretty good, but the effects are not very much. Hope the publisher can add more effects to make the video more vivid.”

“This App works very well, has lots of stickers, good video editing. Hope the producer will produce more effects”

“Awesome! The output of 1080p60fps video is good, many nice effects. But the font with limited typeface is still very ok”

“I feel that some problems need to be improved. I use it at first, it is very good, and then it is continuously out. Hope the producer develops more about this application”

“Great, I can merge many short videos into one clip. Moreover, I can insert icons, type text on the clip …”

“I think we should add new features like merging certain videos on the machine into our videos”

Download Motion Ninja MOD APK for Android

To us, Motion Ninja is the best app for video editing. It possesses a powerful tool not inferior to any professional editor on PC. Moreover, it is also very easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface, and features specific instructions. With the arrival of Motion Ninja, you won’t be stomping around as “amateur video editors”. Without any extra help, Motion Ninja alone is enough!

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