Mobile Legends: Bang Bang v1.7.8.7721 Mod APK (Skin Hack/Drone View)

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Please join your friends to join the super product MOBA 5v5 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! With a similar chapter of League Of Legend, you will be born with your teammates. Choose the general you love and assert yourself in the arena of justice. Our MOD APK version will give you many advantages over your opponents.

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Introduce game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Since the release of League Of Legends, many similar titles have appeared on Mobile. However, the most prominent among them is still Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It has a diverse list of champions, smooth manipulation, and cool graphics. Such games are collectively known as MOBA games. In this game, in addition to individual skill, everyone also needs to have a good combination and reasonable strategy. Show everyone your spirit of esports in general and your personal skills!


Each general in this game has their own storyline. There will be characters related to each other such as family members, enemies or the same clan. You can find their plot on social media. Not only that, the publisher also created many extra stories to increase its appeal. You can follow the decisive battles between the most powerful clans or the romantic love stories of the characters.

Diverse list of generals

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you have more than 100 generals to choose from. That number will increase gradually after each new update version. Characters are clearly categorized by attribute. We can mention the following champions:

  • Blocking: Akai, Hylos, Kaja,…
  • Assassin: Selena, Karina, Fanny,..
  • Fighter: Wukong, Roger, Chou,..
  • Magician: Lunox, Gord, Aurora, Pharsa,..

In addition, we also have other attributes such as: support, gunner. Each general possesses different skills. If you are proficient in playing a certain champion, you will easily control the game. A general can carry 2 attributes at the same time such as: Chou – Gladiator, Assassin; Slena – Assassins, Mages …

General title

The characters in this game all have special identities. Through many events, they are given different titles by people. And that title goes with them the rest of the way. In the game you can use title to represent instead of name. For example Alice – Queen of the apocalypse, Alpha- Ultimate weapon …


Everything in the game is free, except costumes. Each general will have his own costumes. Owning the skin also makes many players inspired to play a certain general. There are many ways for you to own costumes in this game. It can be mentioned as events, buy in store, exchange treasure … Epic costumes have eye-catching appearance, it also has extremely beautiful skill effects.

Classic MOBA map

The main map in this game includes 3 roads: top, mid and bottom. Besides being a forest path is also very important. In the map, there are 18 pillars, 2 main houses, 4 jungle patches and 2 monsters. Regular distribution of players: 2 bot laners and one lane left. After 30 seconds, jungle monsters and spirits will appear in each lane so players can earn gold and Exp. You won’t be able to see your opponent without vision. At that time, the ability to judge your position will help a lot to be proactive in all situations. No matter what your team does, just destroy the opponent’s main house first, your team will win.

The gameplay is full of calculations

To participate in this MOBA game, you need to gather a lot of skills at once. From tactical thinking, personal skills to situational reflexes. Because during the laning phase, you’re not only going up against one person, but they can also call the jungle to assist. So you often get into 1vs2 situation. At that time, you must have extremely fast reflexes to survive or kill both.

The calculation is also shown through knowing what the opponent will do next. Only then can you proactively stop and be one step ahead of them. That is a huge stepping stone for you to give your team a lot of great advantages. If you see an enemy that hasn’t been in your lane for a while, you should immediately notify your teammates cautiously.

Tense mixed battles

Towards the end of the match, 5vs5 combat will continuously appear. It’s about time the laning is over, everyone is always moving together. The 5vs5 phase always requires players to be alert, calm and agile. These are the battles that decide the whole game. Just the omission of one member can put the team in a difficult position. Therefore, your team needs to have a specific strategy, combine well and not work according to individual feelings.

10 seconds of finding matches, 10 minutes of fighting

Team matching only takes 10 seconds and this battle will last more than 10 minutes. This will reduce the frustration of waiting too long. Or that jungle monsters and minions regenerate faster and go to eat monsters over and over again. In addition, it also helps you to play more games because of the limited battery capacity. High-paced choking action to bring you victory. Wherever you are or at any time, pick up your phone, make the game fire, and let yourself immerse in the fierce competition.

Manipulation and controls are easy

With the virtual navigation key on the left and the skill keys on the right, 2 fingers are more than enough for you to become a skill master! Automatic target lock and smart target selection allow you to finish off enemies with ease. Benefit from touch to purchase equipment to help you focus more in combat and teamfights. The skill buttons are large enough to avoid clicking mistakenly in the fight.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has an extremely rich equipment system. They are also classified separately for different champions. Each item has its own stats and hidden passive. See which champion your opponent is to buy the right equipment.

  • The enemy is a tank: buy items that reduce healing and armor penetration
  • The enemy is a mage: prioritize magic resist and effect resist items

These are just 2 cases in countless different ways of crafting. The system will also suggest the right equipment for you. If you are familiar with the equipment system, you can build the equipment you like. You can buy equipment anywhere, anytime. Killing enemies and monsters will give you a lot of money to buy equipment.

Gem Board and Summoner spells

These are the first 2 advantages you have before starting the game. The gems will help you directly increase the defense, damage and attack speed, armor penetration … You choose the jade table that matches the general you have chosen. For example, you can’t choose gems for hand damage and attack speed for mage champions. So you lost a lot of your advantage in the early game.

You can bring 2 booster spells to the match. If you go to the jungle, there must be punishment. Besides, there are auxiliary spells such as healing, speeding … Depending on the way you love to play, choose accordingly.


MOBA titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang always make players excited because of its top-notch graphics. Designed by modern technology, you will experience realistic, vivid and beautiful 3D graphics. Colorful skill effects to inspire intense mixed battles. Besides, the character designs are highly detailed, exuding their distinctive style. In addition, it is impossible to ignore the vivid sounds from character voices, match sounds … The perfect combination between graphics and sound gives players the best MOBA games.

MOD APK version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

MOD feature


  • Hack map
  • Drones view
  • Unlocked skin
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Monsters cannot attack
  • Map hack version 2
  • Turn off cooldown
  • Turrets cannot attack
  • Wall hack

Note when using the MOD version: Please use Smurf account or Dummy to check before using. Because the APK’s forbidden source may have modified this version. The hacked map is only for arm64 devices. You need to remove the original version or any application related to this game before installing our MOD version.

USER: joker
PASS: 123456

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOD APK for Android

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game worth experiencing. It gives you many different levels of emotions. From disappointment at being defeated to happiness of winning a match. Especially the matches that you win back when the main house is about to be destroyed, when it is really emotional. Even better, when you play with your best friends. A game with top notch graphics and extremely attractive gameplay that you have ever known. In addition, this is the same game with a fairly large community around the world. So do you hesitate to join Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now with us!

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