Fake Island: Demolish! v5.7.68 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 19/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.7.68
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:Unico Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Destroying the world famous building has never been so fun! Game Fake Island: Demolish! This MOD APK will help you relax with many interesting features. Download and discover now!

Introducing Fake Island: Demolish!

Fake Island: Demolish! is a physics-based demolition simulator. You will play as a demolition worker and take on missions around the world. Famous and great buildings will collapse in an instant. The gameplay is simple but highly addictive, this game will bring you a lot of fun after stressful working hours. Its realism can leave you in awe!

Destroy buildings around the world

You will have to demolish thousands of different buildings to complete your mission. This game takes you to many locations, where the constructions range from simple to complex. There are even projects so big that you have to be wary. The main structures in the game include high-rise buildings, lighthouses, power plants, bridges, ruined buildings… In addition, you can also visit and do missions at famous locations. For example, the Tower of Paris, a landmark that no one accidentally knocked down. Or Leaning Tower in Italy, Big Ben Clock in England and many other famous wonders of the world that you have never known.

Those famous landmarks are usually special missions. You need to accumulate enough stars each time you complete the mission to be able to unlock it. Those constructions are purely fake versions built on Fake Land. So you don’t have to worry about knocking down real buildings, even if it’s just a simulation game.

Brain exercise

The gameplay of Fake Island: Demolish! Very simple, but very well trained. Looks like you just put bombs on the building and destroy it. But no, this game applies realistic physics and gravity. You need to determine the most perfect bomb sites at each building. The reason is because you will be limited in the number of bombs, if you do not identify the weak points of the building, you will certainly not be able to knock them down. At the same time, the mission fails and you will lose many prestige points.

Therefore, in each task you need to identify the key points of the project. It can be located at the foot, in the middle, or at the points of columns and foundations. The number of bombs that can be placed will be equivalent to the difficulty of the challenge and the amount of bonuses you receive. After successfully placing the bomb, you just need to press the red button in the middle of the screen and see the result. The building will slowly collapse and become a pile of rubble.

Unlock new locations

After successful demolition missions, you will receive regular money and new stars. Contract offers are increasing day by day for you to have more new opportunities. New locations will gradually be unlocked so you can take on quests. Earlier, we covered famous landmarks in the world, and the number of stars you get helps you unlock them. Every time they accumulate 10 new stars, they will receive a contract. However, if you do not want to waste time, you can use diamonds to directly unlock this special mission.

The game is suitable for relaxation

Ruining things is also a fun form of relaxation. You can see many people when stressed, they often smash something. This helps them to quickly regain their composure and relax more. Currently, there are many games that apply this mechanism and have been successful. For example, Stickman Dismounting, this game that simulates torture for the main character, is also very popular. So, Fake Island: Demolish! Will bring joy to all ages. It is suitable for gatherings of family and friends so that everyone can find a way to plant bombs and watch the building gradually become ruins.

Realistic graphics

Images in Fake Island: Demolish! has a very high degree of realism. Especially the design of famous landmarks, it is almost 100% real and has a high level of detail. Applying physics and weight, the collapsed images are extremely reasonable and eye-catching. The visual and sound effects also contribute to the comfortable, addictive images.

MOD APK version of Fake Island: Demolish!

MOD features

  • Free Shopping : internet required and authorization in Google services

Download Fake Island: Demolish! MOD APK latest version for Android

You will find an addictive gameplay, no internet connection and a relaxed atmosphere when playing Fake Island: Demolish!. This demolition simulation game is very suitable for you to entertain, improve your brain. A realistic simulation game with physics and weights that everyone will love. Download this free fun game and destroy every construction in your way!

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