Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon v2.0.5 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 27/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Join the game Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon now to nurture prehistoric dinosaurs in a large park.

Introducing the game Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon

Have you ever thought of being raised with a tyrannosaur? That is of course not possible in real life. But why don’t you try in a game? Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon is an extremely attractive simulation game, allowing you to own and raise many different dinosaur species.

This game is developed by Codigames, just released a few days ago. As you may know, this publisher is famous for idle simulation games. Names like Prison Empire Tycoon, Idle Police Tycoon, TV Empire Tycoon… And Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon is still developed according to the familiar idle simulation gameplay, creating a brand for Codigames.

Bringing dinosaurs back to modern times

Dinosaurs no longer appear in the current world, but they became extinct many years ago. But in the game Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon, you will be brought them to modern times. You can collect many different dinosaur species, from small to giant. You can also raise them like other purebred animals. These dinosaurs are shaped like the real thing, but their personalities are not as aggressive as you often know.

In the game, the dinosaurs are purebred and extremely gentle. They are kept in large cages in the park. And anyone can visit the park to learn about this large animal.

This dinosaur park is yours, and you can develop it for profit. Join the game to become the best in the field of dinosaur park management!

Collect and raise dinosaurs

Initially, your park only has a single dinosaur. Therefore, you need to bring back new dinosaurs to attract customers. Let the adventurers go discover and bring back different dinosaurs. On the magical island of the game, there are many species of dinosaurs, from common species to rare ones. Be it the Allosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Iguanodon or even T-Rex!

From there, more customers will visit the park, and you will earn more money. When you have a lot of money, you continue to invest to find rarer, more valuable dinosaurs. In addition to collecting dinosaurs, you also have to take care of them like taking care of pets in other parks. You need to make sure they are in the best possible health. If care is not good, they will die.

Each type of dinosaur needs its own way of care. They will be suitable for many different habitats. Some species eat only plants, others eat smaller animals. And the terrain conditions also require different, so you have to learn how to nurture them.

Developing the park, meeting customer needs

As a popular park, of course it’s not just dinosaur stables. Customers come from all over the world, they also need to live and rest when visiting the park. Therefore, you should build additional facilities such as toilets, essential stores, restaurants… You even have to build a safe shelter for passengers in case of emergency. grant.

Museum and document management

Your park not only has living dinosaurs, but also a museum of ancient dinosaurs. Explorers can find fossils, skeletons of dragons from hundreds of millions of years ago. You need to preserve them in the museum area. Of course, with each fossil you need to have detailed documents for visitors to learn.

Summary of main features

  • Explore the vast island and find new dinosaurs or fossils of ancient dinosaurs;
  • Bring dinosaurs to modern times, raise them in a large park;
  • Grow your dinosaur park with sound business strategy;
  • Construction of auxiliary works to meet customer needs;
  • Collect fossils and data for display in the museum;
  • Smart management gameplay, idle;
  • Intuitive management system;
  • Simple, eye-catching images;
  • And many other cool features!

MOD APK version of Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon

MOD features

Unlimited Money. Money will not be much as soon as you open the game. Instead, every time you make a purchase, your amount increases, not decreases. Thanks to that, you will have more and more money, never ending.

Download Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon MOD APK latest for Android

Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon still has the same familiar gameplay as other idle games of Codigames. But with a new theme, this game will surely attract a lot of players. As for the graphics, it still owns 3D animation style. And it hasn’t changed much, so we don’t evaluate this part. And right here will be the link to download the Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon MOD APK game for you!

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